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Reviewed: KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 13th, 2000
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


Although the game's shooting action is tons of fun and entertaining, the depth is seriously lacking. The shooting is all there is to the game, beyond that, there is little to no substance. Just hordes and hordes of monsters will come after the player and try to attack the player while he tries to find his armor shards to become the elder and master of the realm. Sound interesting?


While not quite at the level of Quake 3 Arena or any of the games that have spawned from that engine, but the LithTech-engine holds well against a year and half newer engine. The models and architecture in the game is very interesting and good to look at, special effects and lighting is good. Only downfall is with texture handling, which seems to be a bit weak with some pixelation.

Sound and Music:

There is really nothing special or unique about the sound or music in the game. It is merely there for a more gameplay accompaniment, which it does reasonably well. There is no usage of 3D APIs, so positional sound is out of the question. Besides, there is only the standard fare of weapons, death cries, and hounding of enemies and other sounds from the typical shooter.


Merely mediocre with nothing terribly special about it. It is only mediocre because of the terrible weapon balance, making the game not nearly as fun or interesting as it could have been.

AI and Difficulty:

The horrible rating is attributed to two main reasons: insanely difficult and insanely stupid AI. Take your pick, it doesn't add up. A game with really stupid AI shouldn't be too hard, but because of high levels of respawning and overwhelming numbers of monsters with heavily underpowered weapons and limited ammo it makes the game next to impossible.

Controls and Interface:

It offers the basic interface and control scheme that should work for most players. The default keyboard and mouse combination works almost exactly like a first-person shooter would, with ESDF forward and reverse movements while the mouse controls targeting and turning. The interface is simple and easy to understand, and the clue box is a big help for novice players.


Well, anyone that loves Kiss or Doom-style games might enjoy this one. There really isn't a whole lot offered here beyond an old-school first-person shooter that most people have grown out of and into newer, bigger, better things like Half-Life. Still, the game is fun and entertaining to some extent... while there is nothing really deep here to absorb, it is a good arcade fix that some will enjoy.

Pluses (+)
  • Fun and Entertaining
  • Solid Graphics
  • Good Interface
  • Minuses (-)
  • Horribly Unbalanced Gameplay
  • Awful AI and Balance
  • Not Enough Kiss Music
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    Added:  Wednesday, September 13, 2000
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 4/5

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