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Reviewed: KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 13th, 2000
Page: 3

Although there are lots of cool looking and designed enemies, the AI for the enemies is rather mediocre. The computer simply tosses a lot of enemies on screen at one time and tries to over run the player rather than outsmart or outplay the player. Such is the case with bosses, rather than having any unique tactics, they simply have a lot of firepower and have a set path they travel when battling, not actually moving according to how and where the player is positioned. This is one of the reasons the game is so difficult.

Balance in the difficulty of the game is not a highlight of the game with just a hundred enemies on screen at once all trying to slaughter the player accounting to most of the difficulty in the game. Even on the easiest difficulty, where the enemies are toned down and less firepower, the dubbed level called lullaby, is not quite fitting as even the most experienced first-person shooter player will find awe in the game's excessive difficulty, even when using tried and true first-person shooter tactics.

Whip Him
X-Men World?
Cool Fog

Evidently, when this game was created, it designed in mind to be either user friendly or for the novice first-person shooter player. This is evident with the inclusion of a "clue box" which when the crosshair is placed over any unique object in the gameworld, will reveal what that item does and how the player can get to it. It will allow for novices to get into the game easier and learn the game much better. Other than that, the interface is pretty much just like any other game, except for the fact that the interface art is limited to 640x480 resolution so when the resolution is increased the interface gets a bit grainy.

Controls are pretty much a standard fare except for the typical WASD movement keys being replaced with ESDF. It allows for the QW keys to be used for other functions, while this is might be something bad, it isn't horrible, it works just fine. Full key configuration is available so those that don't like the default controls have the option of switching them around to their own preferences. The sensitivity of the mouse is fine and control shouldn't be an issue.

Nuclear Explosions
Brim of Hell
Fire Demon Bastards

Based on the rather old LithTech-engine, it could be imagined that the graphics would appear to be very dated and old looking, however, this is not the case as the graphics utilized in the game are quite well done and look good. While it won't compete with Quake 3 Arena for the best graphics in a game, they can hold their ground with interesting and good-looking architecture and cool and scary looking monsters. One of the weaker points of the engine, however, is evident with the texture handling as some textures are repeated over and over again and some of them also appear to be a tad bit too grainy. Special effects and lighting is good, while not stellar.

Since KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child uses an older engine, the game runs great on today's hardware. Even pumping the resolution up to 1024x768x32 doesn't stress the videocard/system at all with virtually no slow down of any kind incurred. Character models are good and appear smooth and are animated well. Nearly all aspects of the graphics are good, just the wow factor isn't there, it doesn't stand out as great compared to other engines.

Up in Smoke
Hide Away
Lava Bath

There is nothing special or unique about the sound is like nor the music in the game. With a game based on a band, it could be thought that some Kiss songs would be in the game... well there are... but only short clips of them which are activated by finding damaged record players around the game. Sound effects from monsters and weapon shots are pretty average and have no real significant impact on how the game plays or feels like.

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Added:  Wednesday, September 13, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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