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 Kingpin Review @ GU - Page 4
 July 4th, 1999 by Kyle "GrdLock" Maulden

If you are unfamiliar with the grading scale system, please check out this page for more info on how the scale works and how the ratings systems are distributed per game genre.
The graphics could have been perfect, had there not been one little flaw. When looking at other characters and when you, or they move, their whole body will "shift" sort of like it's gel or something. This is annoying, but is really no big deal. Besides that, I thought the graphics were some of the best I've seen yet, especially considering they used a 2 year (right?) old engine, with a pick me up. The colored lighting effects are great, and well used to create a realistic environment.

Expandability: 9/10

I'd expect to see some mission packs and MODS for this game very soon. Look at all the wonderous things that resulted from Quake 2? Well, imagine all those things for Kingpin. The Quake 2 engine is one of the most versatile out there. Easily modified.

Sound: 9/10

I already described the echoing effect when in large rooms. Also, the ambient noises were nice, with radios jamming, people talking, and the occasional gun shots and police sirens. The rocket launcher sounds, and other explosions could use a little work. They just didn't sound "full" enough, if you know what I mean by that.

Controls/Interface: 9.5/10

Controls, what can I say. They're just like any other FPS game on the market, with the addition of the yes/no and lower weapon keys. The interface is simple. You've got your cash in the upper right corner, ammo in the lower right, and health in the lower left. Can it get any simpler?

Gameplay: 14/15

This is one of the best games I've played since Half-Life. I absolutely love the realistic style of gameplay instead of the old monster/alien type of game, and you'd have to be crazy not to either. It creates an all new experience, not found in any other game on the market. The level's are well done, which require you to do a little thinking, instead of storming through every passageway you see. They can also get a little confusing if you don't watch yourself.

Multiplayer: 20/20

There aren't currently very many multiplayer servers out there, as the linux server hasn't been released yet. So I fired up the game on my LAN for a quick "Gang Bang" as it's called, and it was actually fun. Kingpin is also one of the very few games that _comes_ with something other than deathmatch, and in this case, it's called Bag Man. In this MOD, players are assigned to teams, and there is a cash machine in the central part of the level, with enemies bases on opposing sides. Players must gather the needed amount of cash, and deposit it in their safe. I found this to be really run too.

AI: 12.5/15

The AI was the major lacking part of the game. At times, it's smart, and at others, it's totally stupid. For example, the computer opponents know when they're losing a battle, and they'll often run off to fetch back up. But to easily defeat them, simply strafe around them, and they'll get lost on pills, or corners of walls sometimes, which makes them _completely_ forget your even there--even when you shoot them some more, they still don't even acknowledge your presence.

Overall: 92.5%

This new, more realistic style of game will most likely become very popular, and I'm sure everyone who plays this game will completely love it!

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Added:  Sunday, July 04, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 4/5

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