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 Kingpin Review @ GU - Page 3
 July 4th, 1999 by Kyle "GrdLock" Maulden

In Depth - Continued

The controls in Kingpin are basically the same as any you'd find in another FPS game--walk forward/backward, strafe, and shoot. That's it, right? Well, in addition, there's of course the yes/no keys, as well as lower your weapon. The responsiveness is pretty much the same as other games, you press the key, and the guy moves! What else is there to it?

Ouch! That girl's about to get it!

I really love the way they did the sound, even if it doesn't use A3D, EAX, or DSound3D. Take a look at the screen shot below, "Now tell me that doesn't look realistic!". That's a wide open space, with hard floors and walls. Stepping in that room causes an echoing effect, which sounds true to life. Same when you shoot your rifle. Of course, they could have done much more amazing things had they used a 3D sound API, but hey, no games perfect.

Now tell me that doesn't look realistic! He's a gonner

Last but not least is the gameplay. I found Kingpin to be very fun and involving. I've never played a game quite this realistic, and I found it very enjoyable. It's a great change from blowing up aliens on far off planets! Some of you may think, hey, what's the fun if you don't have a BFG20k, or super extra duper lighting ray gun, or whatever. But you'll be suprised at how fun an old tommy gun can be when blowing away dirty talking street thugs. Give it a chance!

Creepin through the streets at night Shooting from a balcony

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Added:  Sunday, July 04, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 3/5

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