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 Kingpin Review @ GU - Page 2
 July 4th, 1999 by Kyle "GrdLock" Maulden

In Depth

The game starts out, you've had the crap beat out of you by a pair of thugs. When you wake up, your health is low, and you carry nothing but a pipe. You must now progress, picking up health, and perhaps higher a gang member or two, to assist you in becoming the largest crime boss in the city. Unlike most other FPS games, Kingpin features some interactivity, more or a characteristic of a RPG game. This includes the ability to purchase weapons, ammo, and armor in local stores, as well as the ability to communicate with others. There are both a yes, and no key that you use to communicate. You use these when speaking to people, highering people, etc. Pressing the NO key most of the time makes your player say something like "fuck you mother fucker" or something a long that line. Doing this repeatedly can sometimes convince the person your talking to, to open fire on you.. not a bright idea if you ask me.

In the hideout A pair of thugs

Kingpin also offers you the ability to put away your weapon. Carrying around a shot gun will piss off anyone you go near, and makes them think that your a threat. To avoid this, you simply lower your weapon, and this leads you to a much more safe and sound route. This all makes a more realistic experience. Weapon effects are also nice in some ways, but in others very fake. First, you can damage specific parts of an enemy, head, torso, arms, and legs, but on the other hand, shooting someone in the head (with ANY weapon) would kill them instantly, or at least put em in a damn serious coma! Same with shooting someone at point-blank range with a shotgun. No matter who they are, that should knock them down, where they wouldn't be moving for a long time. Instead, I've shot thugs three times with a shotgun in the torso, and they're still up and running around like nothing even happened. The effects of the rocket launcher also leave something to be dreamed about. It seems the rocket launcher has absolutely no blast radius, forcing you to hit an enemy directly to even cause damage to them. If I work hard enough to find a rocket launcher in the game, I want something that can do some damage damnit! An explosion from a rocket should nearly kill anything within 10 feet of it, wouldn't you think? The grenade launcher on the other hand is well made, blowing the hell out of anything unlucky enough to get remotely close to the projectiles.

Some of your weapons can be modified in the local stores, found in various areas throughout the game. At these stores, you can purchase new weapons, ammo, armor, and weapon upgrades. These upgrades for example, speed up the rate of fire, increase the damage, or even silence the weapon.

That's gotta burn! That guy looks dead.. o well, shoot him some more!

Now on to the levels. I'd give the level design a straight 10. They look completely realistic. The burning trash cans, grime all over the place, liquor bottles, newspapers, etc.. I was amazed at what Xatrix did with the Quake 2 engine. There's been many games previously made with the Q2 engine, and Kingpin easily surpasses all of them, including Q2! I wonder what the game would look like had it been designed using the Unreal engine? Quake 2 basically introduced the concept of decent colored lighting to gamers, except showing it in unrealistic ways for space ports, etc. Kingpin takes that colored lighting, and turns it into something that's almost hard to tell it's not a photograph. Just take a look at the screen shots I took, showing those burning barrels (or people), street lamps, rifle fire, etc, and you'll see what I mean. I'd really recommend playing this game at 32 bit if possible, as it looks absolutely beautiful.

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Added:  Sunday, July 04, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 2/5

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