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Reviewed: Independence War Deluxe Edition
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 23rd 1999
Page: 3

There is no multiplayer option.

For the artificial intelligence of the game, the enemy ships are very smart. Rather than simply having the enemies just fire away with all of their arsenal and running around trying to destroy the player's ship, the computer will use tactics of warfare and engage in methods that haven't even been seen. Sometimes the enemies will create a formation of entrapment, circling the enemy and firing all their weapons at once, sometimes they will create formations and embark all from one side and fire off missles. But the AI isn't super human, the enemies are just as easily killed as a dead ship.

Blown to Smitherines
Embarking on a Journey
Weapon Loadout

Control is excellent, with or without a joystick. Typically, users may choose to use a joystick because of the nature of the game, the rudder, thrusters, axis, and other features will make control more desirable that way, but that doesn't mean that keyboard users can't play with a keyboard! No sir, control layout on the keyboard is excellent, a full layout sheet is included for easy reference, all the keys laid out on the keyboard are there and make common sense as well.

Interface is relatively complex and intimidating because of all the abbreviated names and lettering on all the buttons, but navigation is quite easy once all the extreme abbreviations are understood.

Snipper Mode
We Had Fun Ship...
Intense Heat

Graphically, the game is a pleaser, all the ships and structures are extremely well detailed, the planets, explosions, and nebulas are extremely well rendered. Textures are clean and detailed. Because the setting is space, not much went into drawing a background or space, but to give a sense of speed, fast red lines go blurry to give the effect. When being attacked in the heat of battle, the screen rattles and shakes and things will go blurry for added effect. There are a few drawbacks, however. The game is a Glide only rendered game, meaning that only users with 3dfx based videocards and add-on 3D Accelerators will work accelerated, but the plus side is the only added plus to having a 3D Accelerator is a little bit faster frame rates, smoke trails, and smoother textures. Other than that, the software engine looks exactly the same, the notice is hardly noticeable. But without a 3D Accelerator, 640x480 is the maximum resolution of the game. The movies and cinematics are excellent.

Repair, Repair, Repair!
Die Ship, Die!
Hey, Third Person?

No music is in the game, but one thing that can be said about the sound effects and the voice acting is that they are simply amazing. The acting really sounds professional and the sound effects add a whole another dimension to Independence War, whether it comes from the collisions, weapon firings, or the dockings, all the sound effects are superb.

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Added:  Saturday, October 23, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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