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Reviewed: Independence War Deluxe Edition
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 23rd 1999
Page: 2

Welcome to the world of Independence War, the world of intense fights and battles between the Navy Commonwealth and the Indie Rebels. The battle of the freedom of the Indies from the Navy Commonwealth and the rest of the government is important to the Indies. They hate the rulership of the nation, and they will battle against them to gain their freedom. The game is packaged in a whopping four CD package, three CD's for the original Independence War and one CD for the new expansion pack, Defiance. Provided is a very thick and heavy manual teaching all the basics of the game, but ingame there is a very extensive tutorial, which touches on all aspects of the game that need to be accomplished throughout.

Looking Upon from a Distance
Wha... Enemies!?
Oh No, On Emergency Power

On the storyline side of things, Independence War, puts the player in the seat of a navy officer, who is carrying out all the missions and tasks of the commonwealth navy, which controls all activity in the system. All order and peace has been kept until suddenly, the Indies, a group of rebels, start a war. The war is for their independence from the navy and the rest of the society. The navy then decides that the rebels must be stopped and destroyed. But, the Indies won't go down without a fight, the tension builds...

Players are given the choice of what mission to play on either side with this deluxe package. The original Independence War campaign puts the player in the role of the navy commonwealth officer and must destroy the rebel Indies. The Defiance campaign puts the player in the role of Edison Hayes, an Indie officer who is controlling a navy captured dreadnaut corvette, with some slight modifications to make it a true war machine. The game unfolds infront of the player through a series of missions and tasks, which involved several tasks from repairing damaged resources, to a search and destroy missions. Either way, the game makes space fighting an enjoyable one.

Ooo, Ahh, Fireworks
Will the Missiles Hit?
Weapons Commander

Being a full blown space simulation, the game is relatively realistic. Of course the realism has it's limits, as us humans haven't even outside of the earth's proximity, but the game surely feels right. Being in the distant future, lots of cool new things have immerged, such as huge space stations, large corvette ships, intergalactic battles of great scale, and light speed travel just to name a few things.

Flight model found in the game is very well done and seems very accurate to what space travel would be like. Unlike flight simulations that are on earth, the extreme speed and size of the ships have a great deal of inertia and momentum physics here. Newton's laws, eat your heart out, all of the laws of motion apply here. Every move includes an accurate portrayal of what a heavy ship should. Move at very fast speeds, and expect to have a huge momentum shift and remain in motion for another ten seconds to make a complete stop towards the other direction even if the thrusters are pushing.

Taking a lot after the air forces and fighting styles, Independence War takes a lot of the same elements found in the air force in formations, attack styles, and attack methods. Just like in military flight simulations, the various ideas are here, which make it a flight simulation game. Wingmen, mission briefings, tutorials, etc.

All Systems Functional
Nah! Work Blasted Weapon!
Following In Trail of Enemy...

Gaming in itself is very fun. The game involves accomplishing several tasks in order to successfully get the side of the nation working properly to win the battle. This may include transporting cargo from a ship to a location, setting up communication transmitters, or just simply battling out with enemy foes from a clearing zone. Like what a common space travel would include, things like docking with space stations, traveling at high speeds with LDS, etc. What really separates this game from other simulations though, is the detail that is presented to the power of the user. Players must repair all parts of the broken ship, weapons loadouts most be chosen, weapons must be used wisely, docking with ships, salvaging other ships, etc.

Weapons aside, there are several weapons, which all pack a hunk of power. The default weapon, the PBC is used most often, with several different settings. Guided settings, rapid fire setting, and super fire, then there are seekers, destroyers, mines and several other weapons at the users arsenal. The weapons all have an equal balance of weapons, all of which provide different strategy and fear to the enemies.

Mission design and the campaigns are varied and unique. The different mission provide varying challenge and give the player a chance to really show what they are made of. The two campaigns combined give a whopping amount of missions, which are sure to keep any gamer busy for a long long time.

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Added:  Saturday, October 23, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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