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Reviewed: Abomination: The Nemesis Project
Author: Chris Kim       Date: December 7th 1999
Page: 3

Multiplayer is probably the only redeeming part about Abomination, the few modes included are pretty fun to play. With 1.2 million different maps the variety is pretty much endless. Despite having so many different maps, many of them are very similar or are just a little different with slightly different placement of objects. So that number may seem a bit deceiving. The interplay is freely available on MPlayer. But there are the basic arena and capture the flag modes and variants of arena modes. The only problem is finding a person to play with.

Artificially speaking, intelligence is really lacking. Artificial stupidity is a more appropriate term for the AI schemes used in the game. Enemies will be shot at and sometimes not even realize it until it's already too late. Enemies will also not be alerted by death calls or even loud gun fire until within a "radius" or distance of how far away. Sometimes, enemies will even blow themselves up or walk right into their own grenades. Grenades can be tossed in a mass of enemies and they won't even notice anything is wrong until they are all dead. Due to this simple AI, the game is extremely easy and progression should not be hard at all.

Dead People
Odd Place to Die
Climbing Dumbness

The interface is rather unique and different. At times it can be a complete joy to play with, but other times it is a complete junk system not functioning at all. The pathfinding of the units for the most part is pretty strong and well done. However, when clicking on an enemy, the players will get very clumsy and won't find their way when they would if you clicked on a spot right next to it. When enemies and units get lost behind buildings, a transparent shadow appears so you will be able to see the player, which is a high plus. However, the managing interface of controller players can get quite cumbersome, when trying to move player to player, the screen sometimes gets "stuck" not allowing any movement of the player. This is really annoying sometimes, especially when being under attack, which wouldn't be so bad if the units wouldn't just wander off and start firing at a mob of fifty guys when he's out number by forty nine.

Control of the players are quite simple with mouse, but the interface really ruins the playability.

Grenade Use
Stupid AI

Graphically there is nothing special about the graphics. The graphics aren't horrible, but they feel quite dated. The graphics seem to have been pulled straight from 1995, the graphics aren't even on par with Diablo, which was released in 1996. Unfortunately, the pixelation, grainy animations, horrible textures, and bland usage of wrapping the textures around sprites makes the graphics look dull and uninteresting. The backgrounds are marginal and might be used for something, but the animated sprites are awful. Lighting, shadowing, animations, all of them look very unnatural and artificial. Nothing more to say, take a look at the screenshots.

Sewer War
Car = Dead

The sound effects and music are all marginal. Sounds are used over and over again and the same noises for all death cries and gun shots. Explosions have nothing special to them. The permissible use of industrial music is decent, but only in the menus does it appear. There isn't even digital speech!

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Added:  Tuesday, December 07, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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