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Reviewed: Abomination: The Nemesis Project
Author: Chris Kim       Date: December 7th 1999
Page: 2

Basically, Abomination: The Nemesis Project puts the player in the role of a bunch of anti-terrorists that are focusing their plot of freedom and independence from the alien race that is wrecking havoc on the world. Then the saviors are this group of people jumbled together to stop the world from being over run and infested with these bad aliens and human zombies. The player is in control of up to four characters per mission and at the hand of the player there are various weapons to use. The game somewhat resembles Rainbow Six, Commandos, and X-Com all in one game with the basic structure of the game. Basically, just run up in each of the missions, find the enemy, destroy them, run around some more, destroy the structure, then after all the destruction is done, run home free, run into the hummer and drive home. To tell the truth, almost every single mission is structured in that manner. But, there are a good assortment of levels and missions to be played, although they get quite similar...

Stupid Fungus
Cars Blow That Easily?
Don't Hit Too Hard!

The storyline of the game is just slightly passable. It mainly involves an infestation of diseases caused by some terrorist groups and some funky alien muck running around. The diseases causes nearly everyone in the United States to die and only a select few who have been survived spread into two groups, the terrorists or the anti-terrorists. The terrorists just attempt to run a ruckus around by being, well, terrorists. In the long of the mission, various tasks will be encountered to eliminate the infestation and the funny terrorists that call themselves "The Faithful."

So, what that holds for the player is a pretty slim storyline that is slowly revealed to the player as each of the missions pass by. The storyline isn't exactly revealing or even that great. It doesn't add too much for the rest of the game experience either, but it's there.

Out Manned One to Four
In the Head
Never Seen That Before

Gameplay wise, nothing really special or unique is offered. The gameplay really is best described as a Commandos without any strategy. Nothing really is offered, a lot of weapons are available to use, although all of them have been seen before in other games. The effects of the weapons are all pretty much the same, shoot, reload, shoot again. Like Commandos, the player will have control of a certain amount of characters, in this game it is four, and go around trying to get rid of the infestation or plague that is upon the world. The player will kill off mainly zombies, monsters, and humans. None of which are very scary or creepy.

In planning stages, nothing totally spectacular or special is either really planned. Having a somewhat planning style of Rainbow Six, the interface takes a little bit after Gangsters: Organized Crime in all the reading of materials and information to understand the plot. That is a bit of a bummer because the player must actually be inclined to read to understand the story, a mistake made in terms of setup. The planning phase really isn't anything special, all the player does is select who to send on a mission, allocate experience, hire members, read intelligence, and pass time.

Damage Done
Through the Fence
Car Shield

Aside from the moving around and shooting nearly everything on the screen with some kind of boom or explosion, there isn't much else in the game. There are though, a ton of weapons at the dispense of the player. From the MK47 rifle to the .22mm pistol, there are a ton of weapons. Unfortunately, these weapons aren't put to the great use they could have been, nearly all the weapons have the same style of shot and fire rate. Pistols all look and do nearly the same damage, all rifles do the same stuff. As for other equipment, none of it is actually equipped. Just put it into the inventory and supposedly it is then on the player. There are grenades and some extras like adrenaline rushers, but nothing to extraordinary.

Where is the strategy? That's the same question I was thinking when I was playing the game. Every single mission involved the same thing, running around trying to kill all the bad guys, this doesn't even require any thinking, it's mindless, shoot everything that when the cursor turns red.

Mission design is rather bland and unclammy. Just going around and killing everything is all that is really required of the player. Not much thinking aside from tossing grenades in a bunch of other people and poor artificial intelligence allows for simple game mechanics.

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Added:  Tuesday, December 07, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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