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Reviewed: PC Intruder / PC Raider Gamepads
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: January 27th 2000
Page: 3

Gameplay with the Raider and Intruder was fairly easy as the design and button placement are extremely familiar. Starting with older games, I was pleased to note that the pad is usable with older DOS games with no trouble, though not all the buttons may be detected. Testing with the PC port of Super Street Fighter II, there seemed to be nothing missing from the pad in terms of response time. Likewise with One Must Fall 2097 (though it uses only two buttons), I didn't have any trouble completing moves with the pad.

The next step was to try out PC games. I went with X-Wing alliance, not because it is close to any port but because I have found the X-wing series to be a good indicator of whether a pad is responsive enough for general use. I found, somewhat surprisingly, that all but the most intense maneuvers were easily kept up with by the pad, though my fears about the noise from the D-pad during movement were confirmed. In terms of PC performance the Raider and Intruder should do well for anything not heavily geared to analog controls.

As a side note, I dug out my copy of Bleem and ran Lost World and Street Fighter EX+ with the pads, to see how they fared on console games. Once again, I couldn't find any problems, with the notable exception that quick movement across the horizontal axis of the D-pad (used for super moves in SF) was harder than normal to do as compared to other pads in the same setting. A friend confirmed this fear, breaking out his copy of Super Street Fighter II (the same game I had tried earlier) and testing out the Intruder. Lost World, however, did not suffer at all from the Raider.

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Added:  Thursday, January 27, 2000
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 3/4

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