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Reviewed: Icewind Dale
Author: Mike Seiler       Date: December 2nd, 2000
Page: 4

Overall I can't find much to criticize about this game. Great story, diminutive, but detailed graphics, beautiful music, and just plain fun. It's not going to tear me away from Final Fantasy 9 but it's certainly going to give me something to play over again once I beat FF9.

Final Breakdown


Once you manage to get a decent party going and get past the first few dungeons you'll really get into the intense battles and fun quests.


Though beautifully done, there's too much lost in the translation to 640x480. The characters would be amazing if they weren't a bit blocky due to their small size. The backdrops don't suffer this problem and are a joy to behold, though. Makes me want to pick up Shadows of Amn, which runs in 800x600. OpenGL touches are nice as well, such as transparencies and spell effects, though caused some glitches for me.

Sound and Music:

Beautifully done, and very fitting. Everything sounded just like I expected it to, the clashing of swords, the scream of fallen monsters, the voices, the music, it all blended well.


Nothing really exemplary, but potentially fun if you've got some die hard rpger friends and plenty of free time.

AI and Difficulty:

Can be quite a challenge at times. A friend of mine who's a die hard D&Der got stuck on the second dungeon. I didn't find it too tough, but I'm also very persistent and I've been called a save bitch by some people. AI is modest in battle scenes, but the pathnoding when trying to just walk across the map will have you screaming and pulling out your hair at the sheer annoyance of it sometimes.

Controls and Interface:

Everything is laid out nicely and is easy to use, from the customizable bottom bar to the character portraits showing how much health they have at a glance, it all fits together well. Buying stuff from shops can be tedious though due to problems with inventory management, but ultimately isn't too annoying.


A solid game that should appeal to anyone with the patience to get into it. It's not quake, it doesn't have the mega-intense action of an FPS, but it's got plenty of fun without that, and even some of the battles in the game can get pretty intense at times. Solid atmosphere and just plain fun. It's not deep, it's not big budget, it's just plain fun, dammit.

Pluses (+)
  • Lush Environments
  • Excellent Music
  • Fun to play!
  • Minuses (-)
  • Path Noding
  • Low Res Graphics
  • First few dungeons are overly hard

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    Added:  Saturday, December 02, 2000
    Reviewer:  Ben Steel
    Page: 4/4

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