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Reviewed: Interstate '82
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: January 6th 2000
Page: 2

Interstate '82 has a LARGE list of usable vehicles, everything from a little golf cart (don't ask me why anyone would use it as a weapon of war) to a fully loaded Bus. While not all are usable in the game owing to circumstances (the mining vehicle, for instance, is Boss-only) the Instant Action and Multiplayer sections they are all fully available and ready to go.

The engine of the game is well-done, if a little on the light side (when's the last time you saw a bus take a flying jump and live?). Cars spin out if thrown around at high speeds, and can even be thrown into controlled spins to turn around quickly. Flamethrowers bathe enemy cars in fire, oil slicks cause spinouts, and impacts can cause pretty significant damage to the smaller car. When components get damaged, it shows -- the engine dies, brakes fail, and steering becomes erratic. All in all, there aren't any problems with the cars in the engine.

Your start screen...
the old dashboard look.
Drag and Drop your weaponry,
if you dropped most of this stuff in
real life you would be a pile of ash.
Rain on the windshield...
and me without working wipers.

Unfortunately one of the main features of the game -- the ability to "go ped", that is get out of the car and take over another, is fraught with problems. The cause is twofold: low control and the fact that a human, for some mysterious reason, handles worse than the Bus does. While "sidestep" dodges are available, they are far too slow to be of use (so don't attempt them). In addition, it's impossible to predict what side of the car the human will bail from: if you're a little too close (sometimes as far away as 30 feet being "too close" your human will bail out the passenger side of the car, turning an attempt to dive out and take over another vehicle into a desperate run around a nearly-dead car.

As for menu work, the interface is pretty simple: cars are modified with a drag and drop system that makes everything easy. The salvage system in the main game makes price consciousness a factor, as well as armor worries since there's not space for every armor type. In addition, care must be take as to what vehicle the level is ended in: you'll carry that vehicle, though fully repaired, into the next mission.

The weaponry in the game is quite versatile, ranging from the standard slug-throwing machine guns and cannon to "karpoons" which carry electrical/gas/damage attacks, missiles of both dumbfire and seeking types, and laser weapons (both vehicle-mounted and in orbit). While not all of these are absolutely useful, each does have its place as well as its foil (armor for fire and gas weapons, chrome to counteract lasers, radar shields and chaff/flares to ward off homing missiles). In the end only personal preference and vehicle size can decide which weapon will be used and which avoided.

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Added:  Thursday, January 06, 2000
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 2/5

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