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Reviewed: Homeworld
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: October 21st 1999
Page: 5

Final Breakdown


Wow, just wow. The slogan, "Once you pop, you just can't stop" comes to mind here. Your friend's will literally have to pry your cold beating body away from your keyboard and mouse after playing this game for 5 minutes. The immense 3D worlds, terrific story line, and large variety of units, enemies, and tasks will keep you playing the game to the very end. After each of the 16 single-player missions, you'll be aching to find out what challenge awaits you. Each mission takes a decent amount of time to complete. Sometimes you even get to repeat the mission multiple times... but I won't spoil that for you!


The graphics have already been mentioned, and incase you missed it, the 3D engine rocks. The only flaw that can be majorly noticed, is when you zoom close up to a space craft, the textures appear a tad bit blocky. They should have given you the option for higher res textures, but it's not going to kill anyone, as you rarely zoom in close enough to notice anyways... and when you do you'll most likely be concentrating too hard on whoopin whoever's out there to think about it. The space textures will amaze you. Looking into the horizon is absolutely gorgeous. The space dust and stars placed in 3D space are also a nice touch, giving a real feeling of the depth and emptiness of space.

Sound and Music:

The music fits the game perfectly. The switch between calm soothing, and faster paced heart pounding music due to an increase in action works great, just like it did in Unreal. The sound effects will shake your wall, even if you have the puniest of subwoofers. All sounds in the game are very clear and realistic, and not hissy and fake like in some games you'll come across. It's truly a party for your ears. (that was a bit corny wasn't it?)


I haven't gotten the chance to play much multiplayer yet, as this is primarily a single player game anyways. Of course playing against your friend's at a LAN party is always fun, but you'll without a doubt have more fun with the single player campaign. And if your internet connection just sucks, Sierra provided you with a skirmish mode to play against the computer AI similar to C&C's skirmish.

AI and Difficulty:

I won't lie to you. This is a very hard game, even on the easiest difficulty level. If you want to get anywhere, you'll need to master the controls and interface... and doing that will just get you to the second level. :) The AI definitely knows what's going on. If your not well prepared for attack after attack, you'll get crushed without even knowing what hit you. There's actually points in the game where the computer basically needs little AI, as it's equipped with so many fighters, as long as it can aim, your in for some trouble.

Controls and Interface:

There really are no controls, besides the hotkeys for moving ships, setting focus on a group of ships, and quickly going into the sensors manager. (large scale map) As for the interface, the "popup" method is very nice, allowing you to view the game full screen all the time with no buttons or icons limiting your view. The interface sits at the bottom of the screen, and when you move your mouse down there it pops up, giving you quick access to the build/research manager, and sensors manager. It's very quick and easy to use.


I literally haven't played a game this good since Sierra's Half Life was released. Homeworld may well be the best game of the year. Basically the only downside of it that could be found was the textures when zooming in being slightly blocky. If your an RTS fan then you should go buy this game even before buying your Christmas gifts! And if your not an RTS fan, now's the time to hop on the wagon!

Pluses (+)
  • Unique idea with full 3D space
  • Terrific story line that's actually followed
  • Nice in-game cut scenes
  • Very involving gameplay
  • Excellent sound
  • Need I say more?
  • Minuses (-)
  • The small texture blockiness when zoomed in close 
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    Added:  Thursday, October 21, 1999
    Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
    Page: 5/6

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