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Reviewed: Homeworld
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: October 21st 1999
Page: 3

Never before has an RTS game had this good of graphics. Ships were detailed right down to tiny rotating, textured cannons on parts of the ships. Despite the amount of detail, the game still ran perfectly smooth in 1280x1024x32 bit. A game like this doesn't deserve to be run in 1024x768 mode, as the jetstreams and many other parts are just too jagged. That's why that some of the screenshots were taken in 1024x768x16 bit OpenGL, and others in 1280x1024x32 bit D3D. This shows you the large graphical difference. Now that jetstreams have been mentioned, it may be a good idea to mention how helpful they really are. It's exremely nice when playing around with larger groups of fighters. You can't always be zoomed in on an individual fighter, as you need control over all of your fighters. When zoomed out the fighters are fairly small in size, making it hard to tell where they're going. This is the main purpose the jetstreams serve. They are long colored trails following the path of each and every fighter. Plus they simply make the game look even cooler. :)

Wooohooo! Ion cannons

As you may have seen from some of the screenshots, the ships and jetstreams aren't all that looks terrific. You surely have noticed the large lasers in the screenshots above. Actually these are ion cannons, carried by a couple of your ships. They really do look absolutely beautiful. Also the explosions. Some of the explosions for larger ships look a tad bit on the corney side, for example the larger motherships you destroy explode not with a fiery explosion, but instead with a big blue circle. Of course blowing up a large mothership doesn't come that often, so simply watching tons of smaller scale explosions outta hold you over.... of course it'd still be nice for the motherships to blow up with great balls of fire!

Ion cannon again Incoming!

You can choose two races to play the game as, the Kushan, and Taiidan. Both races play the same mission, but a few of their ships vary slightly. Of course all the ship models are different even if it's the same basic ship, but each race has a few specific unique ships to play with, giving you a new challenge each time you play. Both race's colors are fully customizable. No more selecting a basic color scheme for your ships.... heck, in Homeworld you select the individual color right down to each stripe, dot, spot, gun, and body of your ships. If you wanted to, you could make your ships pink, green, and purple; it's all up to you.

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Added:  Thursday, October 21, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 3/6

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