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Reviewed: Homeworld
Author: Kyle Maulden       Date: October 21st 1999
Page: 2

Unlike traditional RTS games, Homeworld takes on a new perspective. Not only can you manuever your ships across the map sideways, but you can move them up, down, diagnal, and anywhere else in the large 3D environments. There's not an ounce of land to be found, except for maybe a 3D rotating planet far off in space. This ads a tad bit of complexion to the game, but Relic gave you an excellent way to move about it. You don't move your ships by simply dragging over them, then clicking where you wish them to go, but instead you hit the 'M' key (or whatever key you binded move to), and then you select an area within viewing distance, click, and they're on their way. But what if there's an enemy miles above you? No problem! Hold down the Shift key and you can select the height for them to move as well. This same system applies to moving your ships long distances. By pressing the Spacebar key, your taken to a zoomed out view of the entire "map". This map shows you asteroid's which can be harvested for money, enemy ships, beacon's, etc. Just press the 'M' key again, and you can easily move your ships very long distances.

The large-scale map view Log footage from captured enemy ship

Besides the fact of 3D space, Homeworld operates just like most other RTS games. Instead of taking up part of your screen constantly, the interface in Homeworld only pops up when you move your mouse to the bottom of the screen. Then there's buttons to access your Build and Research menu's. Everything is plain and simple, no confusing menu buttons, etc like some other games you may have played. Once your done messing with the Build or other menu's, simply move your mouse from the bottom of the screen and the interface is gone, allowing you to enjoy the full glory of Homeworld with no buttons or words to block the beautiful view of space.

Whoopin' the enemy mothership WOOO-HOO!

Throughout the game you'll often get a sense of the world your playing in, and how small and insignificant you really are. By just rotating your view, you can get gorgeous views of star systems, far away galaxies, all perfectly textured to give the game just the right "feel". They added to the full 3D effect by placing space dust all over the place. No, this doesn't get in the way at all, it's simply tiny brown particles scattered about, which when you rotate the view, move accordingly, assuring you your in a full 3D world.

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Added:  Thursday, October 21, 1999
Reviewer:  Kyle Maulden
Page: 2/6

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