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Reviewed: Hitman: Codename 47
Author: David Avila, Date: March 16th 2001
Page: 4

Another feature that should add to the overall immersion of the gaming experience is the AI. The AI in this game was very good. Not perfect by any means, but got the job done in a good way. Player's think they have amassed the perfect plan to execute the target, then just like that they find themselves dead at the hands of an enemy sneaking around. The AI will also not back down from a firefight and do a good job of holding their ground. Of course if they see the opportunity the enemies will strafe behind walls, duck, take cover, or dodge your knife in close combat. They will call for backup and when a body is found everyone is alerted and starts looking for a suspicious character, which greatly adds to the suspense. Other times though the AI can be lacking. Standing still in the middle bullets is not a good way to fight the enemy. Oh sure they see the body and they react but a huge bloodstain on the ground won't even make them call the janitor. Small quirks like these detract from the game play and can hamper an otherwise great AI.

The game does require a 3D card but will run fine on a good system. On my system the game ran perfect with a very small decrease in my FPS. Only when the bodies began to pile up did the game chug a little. I would not recommend this to anyone with anything less than 400MHZ and at least 128 MB Ram. The game also requires about 400 MB to install, which shouldn't be a problem for most. Overall the game runs good on average systems and can be played with a very small loss of FPS.

What really hampers this game is its replay value. There is pretty much little to none. Once you pass the game that's it, shows over folks. Sure you can go at it again with a higher difficulty level but that doesn't help much. The designers should have added some multiplayer elements such as being able to complete missions together or play various Hunted type games. A level editor would have added a lot of life to this game. Aspiring mapmakers have a lot to work with here and the possibilities are very great. Hopefully the Hitman community will speak out and get these things in an expansion pack or better yet a free download over the net.

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Added:  Friday, March 16, 2001
Reviewer:  David Avila
Page: 4/6

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