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Reviewed: Hitman: Codename 47
Author: David Avila, Date: March 16th 2001
Page: 3

Hitman is not necessarily a FPS. It plays in a third-person view, but feels more like a First Person Shooter. The way the view is you can only see a very small part of the character, and the game can be played just as well from any view. Of course being able to see the Hitman accomplish a murder in a certain way is much better in third person. Taking someone down with piano wire is more thrilling to watch in a way where both people are seen rather than just the victim. Of course with this camera angle there are some difficulties. Clipping can be a hassle at times when the Hitman walks up to a wall and the gun goes right through can be an annoying aspect. Aside from small niggles like that, the camera, and view work perfectly.

Weapons in the world of the Hitman are all so good and get the job done one way or another. Having a wide arsenal open to your disposal is great and allows you to approach any given situation in various manners. Feel like sneaking in undetected? Well, then just take some knifes and a silenced pistol to kill the enemy unsuspectingly. Would you rather walk in unannounced and shoot everything that moves? That can also be accomplished by opting for some body armor and taking the AK-47 along with you. The player will have a wide arsenal of weapons available to them and can use them any way they like or see fit. Heck one can even take it John Woo style and enter with Akimbo pistols, great fun.

The levels themselves are greatly made. Utilizing a new 3D engine the environments come alive in a vivid world. Whether you're in the middle of the urban sprawl or deep in the jungles of Colombia the world is done greatly and is bliss. The level structure is also designed to challenge the mind. This game looks beautiful and one must see it in motion to really appreciate it. Accompanying this vivid world is an awesome soundtrack. The music changes tune to match your environment or the moment of a game. Walking around the streets calmly provides you with a soothing tune as to not get wild and blow your cover around a bunch of guys after you. Entering the hideout of your next target brings a more low toned sound keeping you on your toes and watching your back. The score really adds to the overall mood of the game and helps accompany the tone the level design sets.

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Added:  Friday, March 16, 2001
Reviewer:  David Avila
Page: 3/6

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