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Reviewed: Hitman: Codename 47
Author: David Avila, Date: March 16th 2001
Page: 2

The game is not necessarily realistic, but it's not completely fake either. The game does a decent job at portraying many aspects of the real world correctly, but fails at most and does not accomplish the job to it's fullest potential. Physics in the game play out very well and do add realism a great deal of realism to the game. If someone is shot in the arm they will sling around to the side at which they were hit. The same effects apply to other body parts. One of the best features of this is applied to the more powerful weapons such as the Kalashnikov (AK-47) and the shotgun. Shoot someone in the upper body and watch them fly backward sometimes even somersaulting. If an enemy is near a desk and you hit them with enough force they will fly over the desk or land on top. Bodies will slide off of the edge of streets, stairs, desks, anything they land on. Glass will shatter and trashcans will tumble and flop as you keep shooting at them. Besides the physics in the game world that is all we can have for realism. Getting shot does not really seem to affect the enemy much. Sure anyone can shoot a Chinese bodyguard in the arm but he won't drag his arm like any normal human. Nope they will just continue doing what they were after a small hesitation from the sudden impact. Getting shot in the face doesn't seem to faze some guys either, including the Hitman. On one occasion I was shot 3, that's right 3, times in the head and I still continued to fight on. It looked like a scene from the terminator. Those looking for an ultra-realistic shooter will be disappointed. On the other hand if you were tired of all those realistic shooting games out there, but still wanted to think while blasting should enjoy this game.

The game should not be played like a mindless shooter. Gamers do take the role of a trained Hitman after all, and while going in guns blazing may be a lot of fun it will not get the mission done. Even on the first mission which is the easiest forces gamers to think quite a bit. Deciding which roof to perch on, and when to take the shot will be the final outcome on weather you succeed or not. This is another problem that arises when playing the game. First of all you can't save in the game. That can be a real hassle especially on the later missions when you have so many objectives and are about to accomplish your final one. On the final mission, of the China campaign, I was just about to shoot Lee Hong when he turns around and slices me with his Katana. I was so mad as the game forced me to start over after I had spent a long time planning and executing this assassination. Though the game does give you a couple of tries to continue from where you left off this won't help much. By the time the player respawns they will find themselves surrounded by more guards than there was originally. Eventually gamers will find themselves spending more time on a mission than they really should have.

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Added:  Friday, March 16, 2001
Reviewer:  David Avila
Page: 2/6

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