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Heavy Gear 2 Review@GU
 July 3th, 1999 by Michael "" Ahlf
The Final Verdict
Games receive ratings based on this scale

Graphics:  20/20
There's no way to fault these graphics -- every option was implemented flawlessly, and the winter and swamp landscapes were absolutely gorgeous. The enemies looked great, as did wingmen and weapon effects.

Controls/interface:  17/20
The interface and controls worked well: customizability wasn't a problem, although the default controls seemed to have been set up for left-handed persons. The game loses points for being a four-hander, however: in the heat of battle two hands just can't do the mouse aiming,  numeric keypad movement, wingmen orders, and sniper zooming all at the same time. 

Multiplayer: 7/10
The multiplayer of Heavy Gear 2 is what everyone has come to expect in a first person shooter: capture the flag and deathmatch seem decently constructed. Unfortunately, neither really shines, and the ability to get the weapons to kill in one shot even on incredibly low threat limits hurts the play potential. The presence of a beta level editor and extra multiplayer levels give it a boost, but not enough to overcome the underlying flaws in the game itself.

AI:  13/15
The AI is quite good, taking full advantage of opportunities to flank and kill. Unfortunately, once you get off the nav-point path their navigation suffers, and it was easy at some points to get an enemy to butt heads with a wall while sitting and plinking them dead with a laser.

Gameplay/Realism:  10/15
Unfortunately, the gameplay suffers inside the engine with problematic handling and the ability to fire lasers through walls quite often.  Especially in zero gravity handling but true for other situations as well, the game's controls and responsiveness need some serious tweaking. 

Storyline:  10/10
Activision did an extremely good job of presenting a storyline which would draw the player into the game and hold him/her there, and made it fit the storylines of the Heavy Gear universe quite well too.

Total: 87/100

Were it not for a few flaws, this game would have an award.  It's still worth the money, as long as you have the patience to sit and trudge through a huge learning curve and difficult controls.

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Added:  Saturday, July 03, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 4/5

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