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 GTA London 1969 Review @ GU - Page 2
 July 6th, 1999 by Stuart Macdonald

No doubt, you'll have had a good gander at the screen shots by now (unless you have a slow-ass 14.4 connection), and have noticed that it looks the exact same as the original GTA with a few extra cars, and re-painted buildings. The extra cars are actually just the same cars as before, but painted differently, which in essence makes them about as new as the bible. So brushing all this aside, what you can't see is the new missions (hence 'mission pack').

And the missions are actually quite good. As with the original GTA's missions, the ones in GTA London start off quite easy, then get gradually harder until they're about as hard to complete as trying to bend a metre thick wall of lead with the power of Uri Geller's mind. Also comparable to the missions in the original version, the missions in GTA London have obviously had a lot of though put in to them to make them perfect for large scale chases through all the famous landmarks of London. But the said landmarks are actually only famous if you look at the included map, as they are not recognisable in the game at all. Buckingham Palace looks like an over-grown house, and Westminster Abbey looks like a shed. It makes you wonder if the makers of the game have actually ever been to London.

London police cars. Apparently.
Funny? Not after the 20th time!

You'll eventually get over the graphics and the quality of the city model, then the fun begins as you get more complicated missions to complete, occasionally laughing at the dampened down jokes of the original GTA which were the only thing that kept the game alive. Although there is only about 5 guns, running about with a flame-thrower gives you a strange feeling of satisfaction as does lining up a row of vehicles, and blasting it with a rocket-launcher from afar. But this is a review for GTA London, not the original GTA because there is no new guns either. The fun soon ends when you realise that there is only one city on offer, which has been modelled very badly from the 1969 maps that the designers obviously didn't bother to read. I've only ever been in London twice, and from my memory, I can truthfully say that the city in GTA London bears almost no resemblance to the real thing, and London is certainly not built on right-angled streets. This probably isn't the expansion pack's fault though, it's the engine that GTA was originally built on, it just wasn't made to accurately model a real-life city. So it looks like we'll have to wait for the recently announced GTA 2 until we see something special. And even that doesn't look like it'll be something completely different, it'll still use the same top-down view. Wait and see.

A big-ish explosion
There's still FMV at the end of each level

Oh, I've just remembered one good thing about GTA London! It runs like a roadrunner on steroids on my ninja P75 complete with 16MB RAM, and a 2MB ATI Mach 64 graphics card. And because all of the screen resolutions look the same (no matter which colour depth you choose), you'll be able to tell your mates that you actually have a 500Mhz Athlon with 256MB RAM, and they won't know that you're lying (that is, until you load up a decent game). Anyway, buy it if you have a slow computer, otherwise steer clear, and wait for GTA 2, or buy Carmageddon II instead.

Smart fire engines!
eh... The National Gallery?

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Added:  Tuesday, July 06, 1999
Reviewer:  Stuart Macdonald
Page: 2/3

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