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 GTA London 1969 Review @ GU
 July 6th, 1999 by Stuart Macdonald



  • Processor: 486 DX4/100 Mhz processor

  • RAM: 16MB

  • OS: DOS 6.0+ or Windows 95+

  • Videocard: VGA 16-Bit Compatible

  • Hard Drive: 80MB

  • CD-ROM: 1X

  • Soundcard: Any major brand

  • Processor: Pentium II 450mhz

  • RAM: 128MB

  • OS: Windows 98 4.10.1998

  • Hard Drive: 12.8GB

  • Videocard: ATI Rage 128

  • Soundcard: Turtle Beach Systems Montego II (A3D)

  • CD-ROM: 32X/4X (DVD-ROM)

  • Modem: 3Com USR 56k Voice

  • GENRE: Driving
    DEMO : None as of review date
    PATCHES: None as of review date
    SIMILAR GAMES: Carmageddon, Carmageddon II


    So much controversy surrounded Grand Theft Auto when it was released that the game couldn't fail to sell like nuclear weapons to Iraq, even if it did have very dated graphics and an engine that would only allow roads to turn at right-angles to each other. So everyone just ignored those 'minor' faults, and raved about it's cool cars, and the ability to run over the dumb people that run into your car like lemmings with a death wish. Sorry, did I say 'cool' cars? Well, cool if you like cars that simply cannot be lifted off of the road, most of which probably couldn't get up to 60km/h if you pushed them off a cliff. Anyway, bypassing these other glitches, what's so good about the game is that.... Ummm, erm, hmm, ahhh, well, there wasn't really anything so good about the game, apart that you could run over people. Which, in hindsight, doesn't look so 'cool' anymore. For those of you who have been in hibernation (or Scunthorpe) for the past 3 years and don't know about GTA, it was quite a good game in its time in which you play a criminal driving about cars and completing missions for mysterious people who called you on payphones. Well, now there's a mission pack set in London that's been released for GTA which is hoped will bring life back to this old game that was well past it's sell by date when it was released two years ago. So we'll see what it's like then.

    Relentless killing ahoy!

    The gameplay... what's happened?

    Added:  Tuesday, July 06, 1999
    Reviewer:  Stuart Macdonald
    Page: 1/3

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