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Reviewed: Millennium G400 32mb
Author: Chris Kim       Date: November 19th 1999
Page: 3

Three features found on the Millennium G400 series of graphics cards that separate it from the rest of the graphics cards on the market are the DualHead, Environmental Mapped Bump Mapping, and VCQ˛ features. What exactly are each of these features?

Environmental Mapped Bump Mapping: All textures have a "flat" surface, which tends to give them a very unnatural look, what bump mapping does is give these textures "bumps" or ridges that make the surface have inconsistencies and lumps like real floors would have in real life. Why use EMBM? Well, EMBM has far superior quality in executing bumps than the other Alpha Pass Embossing does. EMBM uses multiple light sources to reflect light in different directions to make it look and give it a much more realistic feel and look than embossing.

Games that Support EMBM
  • 3Rash engine from EA Canada
  • AirRage from Infogrames/DID
  • AMA Superbike from Motorsims
  • Aqua from Massive Development
  • Battlecruiser 3020AD from Interplay/3000AD, Inc.
  • BattleZone 2 from Activision/Pandemic
  • Black & White from EA/Lionhead
  • Carmageddon 3 from SCI/Torus
  • Dark Reign 2 from Activision/Pandemic
  • Descent 3from Interplay/Outrage (patch available)
  • Drakan from Psygnosis/Surreal (currently available at retail)
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 from EA/Bullfrog (patch coming soon)
  • Evenstar: Senshi-no Shiken from Dreamstone Entertainment
  • Expendable from Rage Software (bundled with the Matrox Millennium G400 Series)
  • Experience from The Whole Experience
  • Final Countdown from Diversal/Sylynium
  • Fire & Darkness from Singularity
  • Genesis2 engine from Eclipse
  • Hostile Waters from Rage Software
  • Incoming Forces from Rage Software
  • Ka-52 Team Alligator from GT Interactive/Simis
  • LithTech2 engine from Monolith
  • Mars Maniacs from the Church of Electronic Entertainment
  • Max Payne from 3D Realms/Remedy
  • Messiah from Interplay/Shiny
  • Offshore 99 from Geosync Media
  • Planet Heat from HumanSoft Corporation
  • Pools of Radiance 2 from Mindscape/SSI
  • Pure3D engine from Radical
  • Rally 99 from Europress/Magnetic Fields
  • Rally Masters from Infogrames/Digital Illusions
  • Red Fury from Interactive Magic
  • Rollcage Stage II from Attention to Detail
  • Slave Zero from Infogrames/Accolade
  • Spec Ops 2 from Ripcord/Zombie
  • Speed Busters from Ubi Soft (patch coming soon)
  • Spirit of Speed from Hasbro Interactive/Accolade
  • Test Drive: Le Mans from Infogrames/Eutechnyx
  • The Real Neverending Story from Discreet Monsters
  • Typhoon from Infogrames/DID
  • Vampire:The Masquerade from Activision/Nihilistic
  • PowerRender engine from Egerter Software
  • Wild Metal Country from DMA Design/Gremlin Interactive
  • War Monkeys from Silicon Dreams
  • Expendable Not Bumped
    Expendable Bumped

    Slave Zero Not Bumped
    Slave Zero Bumped

    DualHead Display: DualHead display is pretty much allowing multiple displays of the Windows desktop without having a second videocard installed on the system. There are a ton of great ways to use this DualHead display, the user can have double desktops, in multi-display mode, zooming on one screen, while having the work tools on another monitor, having word or an application working on one screen while watching a DVD movie on another monitor, using double displays for games that support it, the applications and choices are endless. There are also several different ways to connect up the monitors, two monitors can be used, monitor and TV, monitor and LCD screen, whatever the choice, it can be done. With DualHead display, all the hassles of not enough desktop workspace or claustrophobic are gone. This feature really is something that both gamers and workstation users can use interchangeably within the gaming environment or using Word.

    Games that Will Support DualHead
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator '98 (currently available at retail)
  • Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator (currently available at retail)
  • Extreme Wing Chun VR from Zen Tao Interactive
  • Renegade Racers from Interplay/Promethean Designs
  • PowerRender engine from Egerter Software
  • Wild Metal Country from DMA Design/Gremlin Interactive
  • War Monkeys from Silicon Dreams
  • Silent Hunter 2 from SSI
  • Star Trek: Armada from Activision
  • SurRender engine from Hybrid
  • Kick from Kick Engine
  • VCQ˛: Vibrant Color Quality, is simply a method of the Millennium G400 processing 32-Bit color and improving the quality by decreasing streaking, banding, and other weird artifacts. The result is a very clean looking image with photo realistic results. Many games will have improved draw distances or popup, cleaner looking textures, less banding, and less weird artifacts.

    Forsaken with VCQ˛
    Forsaken with VCQ˛

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    Added:  Friday, November 19, 1999
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 3/9

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