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Reviewed: Force Commander
Developer/Publisher: LucasArts Entertainment Company, Inc.
Genre Type: Real-Time Strategy
ESP: $37.99 Buy Force Commander From Gamestop
Required System: PII266mhz, 64mb RAM, 454mb HD Space, 8mb video, Win95/98, DirectX 7.0a
Reviewer's System: PII266@300mhz, 96mb RAM, 8.4gb HDD, ATI All-in-Wonder Pro AGP 8mb, Voodoo2 PCI 12mb, SoundBlaster AWE64Gold, Win98SE
Related Games: Command and Conquer, StarCraft, Rebellion
ESRB Rating: Teen - Animated Violence
Overall Rating:
Author: Patrick Wilcox       Date: April 11th 2000
Page: 1

Game Review:

When the best selling movie of all time is made into a game, unless there is something majorly wrong, it's going to be a hit. Every gamer is aware of the first-person and simulation games that take place in the Star Wars universe like X-Wing, TIE Fighter, Dark Forces, and Jedi Knight. The players immersed themselves as a character in the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire to save the galaxy once again. The fans wanted more, though. They wanted to be able to command a fleet, not just some Jedi-grunt. So, there was Rebellion, the first Star Wars strategy game. It gave us the opportunity to command fleets of Star Destroyers and conquer the galaxy… in a slow turn based setting. Rebellion gave the hardcore Star Wars fan something to chew on, but even then some spat it out.

Now we are finally faced with "a real-time strategy of epic proportions," presented by LucasArts Entertainment Company, Inc. (LEC). After suffering through almost three full years of advertisements and 'release-dates' that were later broken, it's finally here. Is it worth it? Did the three extra years of development really make a better game, or is it Rebellion with a 3D real-time engine? Let's find out.

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Added:  Tuesday, April 11, 2000
Reviewer:  Patrick Wilcox
Page: 1/5

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