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 Exile Trilogy Review @ GU - Page 2
 July 2nd, 1999 by Chris "Stories" Kim

Each if the Exile games have a very similar gameplay style and use the same engine in terms of gameplay. Exile: Escape from the Pit, being the very first of the series, does not contain many of the fine tuned settings, graphics, interface, and other things as the following games in the series does, but the game does maintain a high quality in terms of gameplay and storyline. The typical gameplay of the series is as any typical CRPG in the industry, you are somewhere, you must accomplish something to do something and succeed at it. The same lies for these games, you are a band of adventurers and you have been sent down to the Exile. You must wage battles to get back to the surface. Pretty simple eh? Well, you'll be in for a few suprises. Each of the Exile games build the storyline on top of each other, and each of the games has their own completely different lead up to the next game. In Exile 1 you will be sent down to the Exile and battle out. In Exile 2 you will be down in the Exile and pretty confident in yourself and help the underground people out. In Exile 3 you will be running to the surface and seeing if you can fight off the Empire and gain the freedom of the people living in the Exile. Each game has a thick and deep plot which are very engaging. They are quite original in concept and have a unique structure to how the story builds. The rich talk of each of the characters will reveal the most of the game, but there are parts where events will trigger more of the storyline as well. You will find yourself stuck to the game just to find out more about the rich and engenious plot.

Adventuring Town (Exile 1)
Overworld (Exile 1)

Gameplay is quite straight forward as well. You will follow along in your adventures, trying to do the right thing for your loyal city or town. Adventuring is all triggered by talking to units or acknowledment of something tramatic. You will eat like you do in real life and need rest to keep your party alive. There are many spells in the game that will for sure take a long time to gather all of them and many monsters and characters in the game. The speech of the NPC characters is the most important part of the game though, it will take a while to fully understand the talking in the game, but it all comes down to that. You will learn of towns, places, and situations where you will probably receive a quest to do from the people. But, to get to that point, you must learn to be patient and squeeze the information out of the NPC characters. Staying true to the RPG line, there is of course battles in the game in which you must defeat monsters of some sort. All the battles are turn based, so you can take all the time in the world. Your party will most likely compose of 6 characters which you will do your battles with (if you keep the prefabricated party) you will have 3 fighters and 3 magic users. Each of the characters with their own system of waging battle. all the leveling up will require training to gain skills (in one of the many different pools). Each of the training must take place in certain towns and places.

Battle (Exile 1)
Character Editor (Exile 1)

The interface is quite good in all three games, but of course the last game has the most refinement of the three. The first game's interface is nice and simple to use, but equiping and using items can get a bit tedious since you must scroll so many screens and move over in sides. The second game refines it a little bit, but the interface is still a bit clunky. In the last game, the interface is very smoothed out and very simple to use and get into. Equiping stuff is simple and easy. Talking in the first Exile is really quite difficult as you are just given a dialog box without any clue of what responses you can use. But, if you have played a lot and read the instructions you will figure it out quite easily. The talking in Exile 3 is much more refined and simple to use (Nethergate masters the talking, one of Spiderweb's later games). The menus are all very simple to use and are extremely simple to get into, choosing commands and spells and other stuff is easily done with either a keystroke or a click on the mouse.

In Town (Exile 2)
Battle (Exile 2)

Controls are very simple and easy to use. You have the option of either keyboard or mouse control, but do the job very effeciently, but the keyboard will be a lot faster to use. Each command has a keyboard equivelent and fairly simple to use. All the commands have keyboard controls which are also easy to use, just one stroke of the button and you have your option set. The only complaint I have though is that the controls can't be customized at all, but who would need to? All the controls are there ready for your dispense.

Adventuring (Exile 2)
Status (Exile 2)

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Added:  Friday, July 02, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/4

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