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Reviewed: Large Attack MousePad
Manufacturer: EverGlide
Product Type: Mouse Pad
Price: $15
Overall Rating:
Author: Sunil Parekh       Date: September 10th 1999
Page: 1

MousePads have really come a long way since the ][gs days if you think about it? What do you use right now as your surface for fragging? Tell the truth! Either a magazine, naked surface, or a (disgusting) cloth pad. To tell you the truth, I was once like you! =).

But as with all great things, one must change, so I emailed a well known company that produces mousepads, Everglide (which are probably going to kill me cuz I have delayed the review so much, but David Welsh, the pres., is a really great guy. kudos to everglide =)) has a reputation as being the best mousepad that makes your old mousepad feel like a new one. So, I decided to take it for a whirl.

My tests were of these things:

Quake III Arena


Daily Desktop Use

So, how did the everglide mouse pad stand up to all these tests you ask? Well, it owned them. On a 56k, there is a barrier on how good you can possibly do, and I usually rank in the top 3, well, I used the pad, and instantly got 1st in the first game I played. Watch out Thresh! I was able to flick my wrist much faster, and deal some shotgun damage and destroy and frag people that much faster. It was great.

As for Starcraft, a much slower paced game, it STILL rocked. I could move much easier and no effort was made on my part to move. And in intense battles (where I always had the upper hand =)), it was easier to select those packs of hydras that strayed from the bunch. I had a lot more fun, just with this mousepad.

Finally you ask is it fit for business/word processing/graphic use? YES! I was able to as fast as I needed to without strain and without any discomfort to me. If time is money, and productivity is time, then your efficiency will definitly increase with this mousepad.

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Added:  Friday, September 10, 1999
Reviewer:  Sunil Parekh
Page: 2/3

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