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Reviewed: Elsa Erazor 3 with Revelator Glasses
Manufacturer: Elsa
Product Type: Video Card
Price: $150
Overall Rating:
Provided By: Elsa
Author: Jeff Ruhnow       Date: October 11th 1999
Page: 3
The Erazors picture quality was clear when i began to test it using Quake 2 and 3.  I noticed that all the graphics were smoothed out and highly detailed.  I was also impressed at the clarity i was able to get when ran the Homeworld Demo at 32bit color.  As well as admirable 3D, the Erazor had above-average 2D performance and supported 32bit color at all resolutions.  Along with great performance, the Erazor also comes along with over 20 playable games, such as Tomb Raider 2 and Descent 3.  This can help you to start out your game collection and see the Erazor's amazing graphics from all points of views.  

The Erazor and overclocking did not seem to mix together too well when i tried it.  I overclocked the Erazor's processor clock and it ran fine for only a few seconds after loading windows, then caused the computer to crash.  In a large number of other tests, the Erazor has also failed to overclock well. If you want to overclock your graphics processor the Erazor is not the card you want to use and since Elsa doesn't offer an Ultra model, your pretty much stuck with the clock speed at the default 125mhz.  The card is still plenty fast at 125mhz so don't worry that it will go slow just because you cant overclock, the default speed will run nearly every game at an exceptional framerate. 

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Added:  Monday, October 11, 1999
Reviewer:  Jeff Ruhnow
Page: 3/4

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