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Reviewed: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: December 29th 2000
Page: 3

Installation of the game is not quite quick, but it is pretty painless thanks to the installer program. If you can run Unreal Tournament, your system can run this game, though an exploration into the menus controlling details and other tidbits is warranted if you have a lower-end system.

A nice swampy planet full of Jem'Hadar.
Going for a swim?
Welcome to the U.S.S. Ulysses... or what's left of it.

The programmers took the Unreal engine apart and rebuilt it to make this game, adding in such niceties as a skeletal modeling system and some nice lighting effects to produce some clearly excellent details (though I personally am not quite a fan of spending an entire game looking at Nana Visitor's recreated posterior, some players may be, and who am I to judge?). Most of the cutscenes are done with the engine, as is the opening sequence for the game, but since the modeling of the game is as well done as it is this is not a downside. For those who must have reality, facial deformation is in, so characters' mouths move more or less as they speak. An unfortunate problem comes in watching Worf handle a bat'leth, however: those who have watched the series know him to be an accomplished master of the weapon, with some pretty fancy moves in his repertoire. In the game, however, he's limited to a few one-handed slashes, which break the mold and look extremely stiff, not at all the behavior one expects from a weapon master.

This sniper scope is useful.
A Dominion prison, complete with torture chamber.
Engineering on the Defiant.

The Fallen is strictly single player: while some would say (and be right) that this limits the game, it's hard for a third person adventure game to translate well to multiplayer, and there's enough here to pacify most gamers. If you're looking for a multiplayer shoot-em-up, check out some other titles like Activision's Voyager: Elite Force for all your killing needs.

A nice, cold Cardassian outpost.
Sisko gets blasted by a Cardassian guard.
In-game cinematics look pretty nice.

The Fallen's sound and music are decently constructed, though this part is really where the game hurts as well. The musical score is well done, showing itself only when needed in the game, and feels right for DS9. Conspicuously absent from the opening sequence, which mimics the show's fairly closely, is the actual DS9 theme. In addition, Simon & Schuster managed to score the vocal talents of all the main characters save one: Avery Brooks was replaced by a "soundalike" who doesn't do the part of Captain Sisko justice, hurting the game severely as the main player of the game is in fact the Captain himself.

Fans of DS9 should pick this one up: those looking for a way to get into the series are better off looking for the syndicated show on late-night TV. It's long, full of plot, and a great Trek game once you get past the few obvious problems in Sisko's voice and Worf's sudden ineptitude with the bat'leth.

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Added:  Friday, December 29, 2000
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 3/5

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