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Reviewed: Driver
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 31st 1999
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


The game is a lot of fun to play with the very unique style of gameplay. The method of accomplishing missions and doing tasks rather than just racing is something unique. With the rather large expansion of four cities to play on and unique missions to try, the game will keep anyone busy for a long time. There are also a bunch of nifty side games to play that will keep those who finish the game busy for a little while.


Graphically the game is a lagger in terms of current technology and support. The building textures are very grainy, bland, and extremely repetitive among the line of the roads. The signs and various other things along the road are sprite based and not convincing. The only good part of the graphics are the car models.

Sound and Music:

For a driving game, the sound effects and music are right on par with just about every other racing game.

Multiplayer: N/A

No multiplayer options.

AI and Difficulty:

The game is smarter than the average racing game with intelligent cops and several different ways to make the progress of the game a hindrance. The difficulty of having lots of cops on the player's tail is something that adds to the adrenaline of the game. The various difficulty levels is adjustable, but even on the easy setting the game is difficult.

Controls and Interface:

Easy to learn and master, the handbrake takes a little getting used to, but the racing is intense and works well. The only problem is that the sensitivity is a little high for gamepads and keyboards, so a racing wheel or joystick is more desirable.


A very solid game that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of gamers with its very unique style of gameplay.

Pluses (+)
  • Intriguing Gameplay
  • Lot of Missions
  • Excellent Cop AI
  • Minuses (-)
  • Poor Graphics
  • Control is a Bit Sensitive
  • No Multiplayer
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    Added:  Sunday, October 31, 1999
    Reviewer:  Chris Kim
    Page: 4/5

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