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Reviewed: 3D Prophet DDR-DVI
Author: Chris Kim       Date: July 4th, 2000
Page: 3

Taking a look at the PCB of the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI, it looks almost identical to a reference board. The only major differences from a reference board are the inclusion of a DVI (Digital Video Interface) and TV outputs. The GeForce 256 chipset supports both of these standards. The TV-Output that is included on the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is the Booktree 869, which is a pretty common device on many videocards. The stock heatsink/fan combination is pretty average as stock cooling goes, but Guillemot was wise enough to use thermal compound to attach the heatsink to the chipset itself for superior heat transfer between the two. This added thermal compound should help for chances in a successful overclock.

Another nice feature about the card is that the unit we received overclocked very well. On stock cooling, we were able to achieve a 160MHz Core and 187.5MHz Memory (370MHz effectively) clock, a massive 40MHz increase in the core and 35MHz (70MHz effectively) increase in the memory from the stock 120MHz Core and 150MHz (300MHz effectively) Memory. However, one point to keep in mind is that my case is very good air cooling as there are two blow holes on the side of my case blowing directly onto the AGP (where the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI is located) and PCI slots to keep the card extra cool. The results from this overclock are not disappointing and provide a hefty performance increase in many memory intensive games. The benchmarks will be shown later in the review. Perhaps we just received a "golden" unit, but if all cards overclock this well, look out for some spectacular speed increase in these puppies!

The drivers that are included with the 3D Prophet DDR-DVI are rather old, so we've used the newer drivers based on the 5.22 Detonator 2 driver set. The drivers are pretty much reference with Hercules' logo tossed in, but they include an overclocking slider for memory and core speeds. These newest drivers add a lot of new features to the videocard, whether or not these features are hardware or driver hacks is yet unknown, but all we can say is that it works.

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Added:  Tuesday, July 04, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/8

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