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Reviewed: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: July 30th 2001
Page: 3

Gameplay in Dominion Wars is best described as limited -- the game limits the player by credits to lower-level ships, as it should, but the player never controls more than 6 ships in even the best of circumstances. To compensate, the battle controls allow orders concerning the attack posture of the ships -- targeting sides, systems, and even distance to engage -- but the restriction in numbers really cuts down on some of the fun.

Also of concern is the lack of an option to pause gameplay while giving orders: while it is possible to slow the game down, this gets tremendously boring, and the ability to stop time while giving commands as present in Star Trek: Away Team would be a wonderful addition. Without it, the game comes down to a mad clickfest, and tends to get frustrating when controlling two groups or more that go off in differing directions. 


The Dominion stoyline

Assemble a Jem'Hadar Fleet

Hunting Maquis in the Badlands

The last gameplay problem is the 2-D nature of the game; unfortunately, the ships don't move in 3D, instead self-adjusting their height over a 2-D grid on which all battles take place.  This seriously affects the game enjoyment, as does a lack of options concerning fleet formations (you'd think, with all the battle tactics the game options provide, that arranging the ships in a formation or two wouldn't be that hard, but it's just not there).

Multiplayer play, while a bit better, shines only in one respect: the included Starship Creator Warp II allows you to create your own ships (though of only 4 lower classes) and import them into the game to go up against friends. While it's a nice idea, the inability to bring in customized versions of the big ships, especially the Galaxy class and corresponding ships, puts a real damper on this otherwise attractive feature.

While Dominion Wars looks good on the surface, the unfortunate truth is that it doesn't have the right mix, and should be better left on the shelf.

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Added:  Monday, July 30, 2001
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 3/4

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