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Reviewed: Deep Space Nine: Dominion Wars
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: July 30rd 2001
Page: 2

Dominion Wars gives the player a visual treat right off, and doesn't let up -- the opening cinematic looks like it's going to be the typical DS9 entry, but quickly alters into an example of battles.  The graphical niceties are all well placed, with the traditional LCARS menu system set into place.

In-game graphics for Dominion Wars are stunning; the environment, such as it is, has beautifully detailed nebulae and asteroids, not to mention the view when traveling through Deep Space Nine itself.  Ship shielding and weaponry are faithfully done, and all the ships are well rendered.  Battle damage is interesting; disable a ship's engines or weapons, or just get in a few lucky shots, and hull plating will be removed, with the ships showing holes and venting gases in ways very similar to those seen on the show.


Federation Storyline

Make your Federation fleet

DS9, what a gorgeous sight.

The in-game music is likewise well done, though not quite as great as one would think.  The original music score doesn't add quite as much to the game as most Star Trek music does, and I confess to missing the DS9 score on seeing the intro. Balancing this out, however, is the sound effects, all faithful to the series from phasers to photon torpedoes to transporter effects.

Of minor annoyance with the game is its installation routine.  S&S made a slight mistake when the CD was made, and so every time the CD is put into a computer the install routine tries to install the game, the same way Unreal's CD did. The other problem is patching: since the game has been released, there have been two upgrade patches, which may cause a bit of a headache for users intending just to use the game to kill time.   

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Added:  Monday, July 30, 2001
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 2/4

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