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Reviewed: Devil May Cry
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: January 5th 2002
Page: 2

Devil May Cry starts out with a cheesy cutscene, in which we get to see how Dante's powers work, but don't worry, the gameplay is decidedly simpler.  Dante's moves all look like they've come out of Street Fighter, using the sword to pop enemies into the air, juggle them, pierce them over and over, and just deliver extremely powerful slashes. That's the first sword.

The next weapons add even more to Dante's arsenal, with an electric sword boosting his speed and providing aerial moves, flight capability, and the ability to shoot lightning bolts while the fire gauntlets boost his strength, allowing him to toss all but the toughest baddies around as if they were nothing.  Dante also picks up guns, starting with a pair of twin handguns and ending with a primitive grenade launcher.  These guns increase his combos to ungodly strength when used properly. And then there's his father's sword, which changes its shape as he uses it to create combos that are stranger and more effective yet.

Then again, the enemies aren't wimps either. There are possessed dolls, evil spirits that look like banshees, lizardmen, giant magma spiders, a "lion" that acts like something out of the twilight zone, and of course an evil swordsman that matches Dante move for move and is seemingly not affected by the guns.

Devil May Cry's graphics are gorgeous, too; from inner hallways to cathedral to the pirate ship, it's a graphical feast.  The music in the game can sometimes be a bit annoying, but it has its moments, and serves to illustrate the mood rather than set it.

If you're going to pick up one survival/horror game soon, make it Devil May Cry. Because it's fun to beat down the bad guys with a huge sword.

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Added:  Saturday, January 05, 2002
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 2/3

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