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Interview: John Romero on Daikatana
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: June 17th, 2000
Page: 1

Thanks to John Romero for answering the questions; I know you're all wanting to get reading, so here we are. Our questions are in blue, and John's answers in white.

1.) The Daikatana is an awesome weapon, but it's kind of hard to wield a melee weapon in first-person mode. Why was there no third-person perspective option added for melee combat?

Because I designed Daikatana to be a completely first-person game, thus, no 3rd person except for cinematics.

2.) Are those bugs and creatures around the stronghold in the first episode supposed to be biological, mechanical, or a combination? It was certainly wierd to see metallic reflections come off of a frog.

They're biomechanical.

3.) Episode 1: where exactly did the Shockwave come from? You've gotta be suicidal to try to use it!

Well, I tried to come up with a new and different type of BFG-style weapon and I really wanted something that shook up the map.

4.) In general: why so many weapons with backlash potential? You've got the shockwave, the ion gun, the kinetic gun, the pots of greek fire, Thor's hammer, the Eye, as well as the Silverclaw that you have to get close in on a werewolf to use. Were you trying to force the player into using the basic weapons and/or Daikatana as much as possible?

I wanted some of the weapons to be dangerous to use. The Hammer's only ammo source is the player's health; the Silverclaw is a melee weapon, so taking damage by getting close to an enemy is just a given as in any game; the Sunflares would be pretty unrealistic if you could just sit in the middle of a raging inferno while monsters dropped around you; the Kineticore and Ion Blaster are energy weapons that you need to be careful shooting, which forces the player to think a little more.

5.) I know it's a small point, but when doing the cutscenes in the engine, why wasn't there anything done to provide or hide from view the non-moving mouths?

It may be hard to believe, but there was no time to do that. And it would be ridiculous to not have the camera looking at the current character that's speaking.

6.) Hosportals and similar objects: why won't Superfly or Mikiko use them? Is it some deep-rooted childhood fear?

This is fixed in the patch.

7.) What was the inspiration for McMishima's?

Well, I thought it would be an extra sick twist to Mishima's grand scheme, but it's been done before plenty of times, most notably in the movie Soylent Green.

8.) When can we see the 3D sound patch, as well as the level editor, coming out?

They will be released around the time the patch is released, which will be... soon.

9.) How does it feel to have the game on the shelves after all this time, and who's the first person you are going to or did frag playing it?

Feels great and we're all glad to be getting lots of great emails from people who don't believe the negative backlash from all the press. We've been fragging people for months in multiplayer, so I don't remember who the first person was.

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Added:  Saturday, June 17, 2000
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 6/6

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