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Reviewed: Comanche 4
Author: Michael Ahlf       Date: February 5th 2002
Page: 2

Comanche 4 is based, of course, on the Comanche helicopter, and is set for its single-player in various campaigns. I'll give Novalogic credit for including a good slew of campaigns, with combat ranging from sea battles to air-to-air dogfights, as well as a nice mission editor to create more missions based on your favorite military scenario.  In an age where the single player game is the domain of the console gamer, PC games that rely on it or even give it equal treatment are few and far between. 

Novalogic also does a good job with sound and graphics: Comanche's graphics system, especially water modeling, is very well done.  The Comanche model seems a bit blocky, but that is forgivable given that the game is best played in first-person or cockpit mode. As for level modeling, the expanses seem very flat, because the game restricts the Comanche unit to low, medium, or high altitudes with the possibility to "bump" higher temporarily with the space bar. This is perhaps the only flaw in the graphics, though the levels generally have rolling hills and trees. The sound system, while lacking in music, does have good sounds to match gunfire and explosions.

Where the game falls short is the gameplay, which is unfortunate.  The default controls are straight from the FPS book: WASD to control motion, right-click to select a target, and left-click to fire the weapons. Weapons auto-target, so the targeting reticle shown in the game is superfluous, and the Comanche moves far too slowly for a real FPS, but there it is.  Everything else, including weapon switching, is pure FPS. The only thing that isn't is the wingman control, but even that's just a popup menu with a small number of options.

What does this mean? Instead of a simulation game, Comanche 4 is as straight and uncomplicated an arcade-style game as there can be, with an incredibly low learning curve.  It's nice, but not something to spend a lot of time on.  

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Added:  Tuesday, February 05, 2002
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 2/3

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