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Reviewed: Commandos: Beyond the Call of Duty
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Developer: Pyro Studios
Genre Type: Real Time Strategy/Role Playing/Puzzle
Price: $29.95
Required System: P166, 32mb Ram, 2mb Videocard, 225mb HD, Win95+
Reviewer's System: PII300, 64mb Ram, TNT, Win98
Related Games: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
ESRB Rating: Teen - Animated Violence, Animated Blood, Mild Language
Overall Rating:
Author: Chris Kim       Date: September 4th 1999
Page: 3

Artificial intelligence in the game is a mixed bag. The computer is often smart enough to recognize sneaky, suspicious actions, but is often dumb enough not to recognize death gags or explosions. To give an example of what this means, two of the characters have knifes, which are supposed to be "silent killers", which obviously isn't true. The player can have Tiny (aka Green Beret), actually run up behind an enemy soldier and slice him with his knife, and the German officers that are only ten feet away will not even look back at what the racket might be. The only way the soldiers will hear a sound is if it is some really loud sound, like a gunshot. Even with a gunshot, the soldier will just run towards the sound and probably be running into the deathtrap. This clumsy AI, however, does not reflect how easy or hard the game will be. The game is insanely difficult, often seems impossible. The player is required to perform tasks immediately at the instant given time, if the timing is even a little off, the whole task will be blown off, and the alarm will go off and the mission will be failed, or something along that line.

Zoo Keep
Oh Too Common Screen
Crawling By Germans

Control is appalling as is the interface. The main control in the game is the mouse, which pretty much controls all aspects of the game, movement, weapon firing, actions, and other actions. This wouldn't be so bad if the switching of weapons and other tools in the game weren't so darn tough and clumsy. The little knapsack in the corner is where all selection of items and tools are done, however, since the knapsack is so clustered and full of stuff, selection of weapons and tools in the heat of battle or times that are very sensitive on timing can be impossible to accomplish. There are hotkeys for the items within the knapsack, but they are not configurable, even with the hotkeys, switching between weapons and items are still very clumsy and frustrating.

Impossible Trap
In the Line of Fire
Dragging the Body

Attractive graphics are found in this game, the environments are extremely well detailed and come to life. The high detail textures used in the game are all aligned perfectly and almost deliver photo realistic graphics. All the details gone into drawing buildings, vehicles, rocks, and terrain really do give what the player wants, even on the low ended machine in 640x480, the graphics still do please. The player models look decent, but the animations of the players are pretty pathetic. Most animations are simple, few frame animations, therefore reproducing extremely choppy and chunky animations. A lot of graphics of the enemy models are pretty bland with little graphics, the blood splattering from the bodies are nothing special or pretty.

Gate Confrontation
Death Wish

Sound is also a mixed bag, the music that is in the background of various places of the game are cool, and provide a better gaming experience. But a lot of the sound effects are bland with nothing special offered from them. The really shining parts are the commandos talking to each other, giving acknowledged commands, talking about the situation, and other things like that.

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Added:  Saturday, September 04, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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