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StarCraft: Brood War Review @ GU - Page 2  

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  StarCraft: Brood War Review @ GU

by Stories

Unlike the past expansion set Beyond the Dark Portal for WarCraft II, this expansion pack is a lot more complete and has a nicer storyline and more additions. Included are all 7 new units to the game (3 Protoss, 2 Terran, and 2 Zerg) which are all nice additions to the game.



Dark Templars are just one welcome addition to the game


A new tileset in Brood War

The new tilesets in the game also place you into strange new enviornments that we haven't been before (unlike BTDP where the only new tileset was set in the Orcish Lands), many new tilesets are included. Each of these new locations also have nice textures that make them all fit perfectly into the game without losing it's familiar space look.


Lurkers Attack


The single player missions are also very good (8 Protoss, 8 Terran, and 10 Zerg), they are much harder than the original StarCraft levels, but of course that would be expected because Blizzard probably expected you to beat the previous StarCraft. The storyline also picks up directly after the end of the last Protoss mission where Tassadar ran the big Carrier ship into the Zerg overmind. The storyline is again top notch in this game as the previous StarCraft.


Lotsa Guys Dead!


Massacre Attack


Multiplayer Mayhem

The mulitplayer is just as easy to get into as the previous StarCraft games. Just launch your internet connection and click into Battle.Net where you can easily play multiplayer games for free. All the good stuff is on Battle.Net as well, there are all the ladder goodies, freely downloadable maps, record keeping, etc. which make Battle.Net an awesome multiplayer gaming service. The lag is also very low and the gameplay is typically extremely smooth.


Look at all these units out there!


The best part of the game though is... the game!!! :-) It's more StarCraft, not some crappy StarCraft addon like many have shipped, but this is a quality expansion pack that deserves praise.

Lets go

Dark Templars are real good units


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Added:  Sunday, May 09, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/4

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