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StarCraft: Brood War Review @ GU - Page 1  

  StarCraft: Brood War Review @ GU



SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: P90mhz, 16MB RAM, 2X CD-Rom (4X for Cinematics), Mouse, Windows 95+, DirectX2.0 Compatible Videocard/Soundcard with 1MB Videoram


TEST MACHINE: PII300, 64mb RAM, 8X/2X ATAPI CD-R, Diamond Viper V550 16MB AGP (with NVidia Drivers 1.73), Soundblaster PCI64

SIMILAR TO: WarCraft, Red Alert, Total Annihilation

CATEGORY: Real Time Strategy


Once the game StarCraft was originally released April '98, it was an instant classic with most gamers. The classic gameplay of the original WarCraft series was the revolution in RTS (real time strategy) gaming. Many skeptical gamers just pushed over StarCraft and said it would be just a "WarCraft in Space". But Blizzard proved these gamers totally wrong. Unlike WarCraft, the 3 races are totally different and require totally different management. The graphics have been improved enough to where the game looks good, but so much that the game is out of reach of those gamers with lower end machines. Not only did they improve the graphics, but the gameplay is more strategic, more involvement, and the gameplay is much more upbeat. Read on for more info...  

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Added:  Sunday, May 09, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 1/4

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