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NFL Blitz Review @ GU - Page 4  

  NFL Blitz Review @ GU

Expandibility: 3/10

I don't really think it is fair to grade this game in this category as this game is not expandable one bit. But this is a crucial factor in any games longevity, especially any sport game. You can't download any new updates, or graphics, or anything of that sort. You can't even customize your own rosters. So this really limits the longevity of this game. The only "expanded" feature of this game is the hidden characters and secrets, but those are also very limited.

AI: 17.5/20

The AI in this game is pretty good for the most part, except after playing the computer for 20+ games the computers starts to get easy, but will still challenge you for about 10+ more games. But once you beat the computer and have a real good record, you'll probably be tired of single player and there is no difficulty changer so you're stuck with one difficulty level of AI, read on for multiplayer...

Multiplayer Ability: 4/10

I must say that I was *VERY* disappointed with the multiplayer from this game, I expected the full blown works of modem, network, direct cable, and internet play, but found none of the above. Now this is even more of a crippling factor to game as now your friends have to come over to your house and share the same computer to play against each other! But the same computer game is still a lot of fun.

Soundtrack: 12/10

The sound effects and music in this game are fantastic. The sound effects of body crunching, little taunts from the players are all little things that keep this game's sound effects out of the normal. Even the music, which has the ancestory of hip-hop/r&b type tune to it, which is a very nice little addition.

Overall: 84%

Bottom line: A nice welcomed addition to the football games, worth your money despite it's downs


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Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 4/4

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