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NFL Blitz Review @ GU - Page 3  

  NFL Blitz Review @ GU

Gameplay:  18.5/20

The gameplay is about as fun as fun can get. Who wouldn't love just smashing a guy after being tackled doing jump smashes on them without getting an unnecessary roughness call? Just about everyone would says an enthusiastic "yes", and this game lets you live out what you can't do in real life, out here on this Footbrawl game (as it is better called). The replay value is very good for this game as each and every team has their own set of strengths and weaknesses, the better teams though have the higher advantage against worse teams (Denver, Green Bay). The arcade mode and season modes both provide totally differnt modes of gameplay that will keep you on your toes. The added "combo buttons" cheats which are entered using the turbo, pass, and jump buttons create various little nifty cheats such as big heads, no interceptions, small players, etc. Also arcade mode will also all you to input secret players like a Shinok and Raiden for the Mortal Kombat games. The game is just plain fun, that's what it comes down to. However, the one downside to the game is the lack of customibility, there is no adjustment of anything other than time settings.

Graphics:  9/10

The graphics from this game are done very well, they translated over from the arcade version very smoothly. All the animations, muscles of players, football, field textures, jumbotron, and crowd are all there. Why do you say it lost one point though? A few of the cool features like rain, snow, fog, torn up grass, player damage, and a few small details that make other football games look so cool are missing from the game. And when the ball is kicked off, the jumbotron redraws and awful lot creating a disgusting moving jumbotron sides.

Interface: 10/10

The interface is simple and easy to navigate from place to place. Isn't this what this is for?

Controls: 10/10

These are probably the easiest controls anybody could learn, the controls consist of three buttons (most preferably on a gamepad) which control Pass, Jump/Tackle, and Turbo buttons. The learning curve is very slight, as I mastered the controls in less than 10 minutes of playing the game. The controls are very responsitive and quick to action. The controls are easily cusomtizable from the game launcher, and are a very quick and efficent way to configure them.

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Added:  Thursday, November 25, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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