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Reviewed: bleem!
Author: Chris Kim       Date: October 31st 1999
Page: 2

bleem! boast to enhance the graphics on the aging Playstation console, what does it improve? Well, it does improve the graphic quality of the game quite a bit, but only if the "D3D Enhanced" feature is supported on that certain title. What this means is that the game must be supported fully in Direct3D, otherwise, the gamer must switch back into software mode, which is more reliable than the Direct3D mode, but less pretty and slower. But even in software mode, the graphics are still improved over the quality of the regular Playstation and TV resolution of 320x200, resolutions can be boosted anywhere from 320x200 all the way up to how high the gamer's videocard can support, sometimes that can even mean astounding resolutions of 1600x1200.

Crash Bandicoot Title
Notice the Graphical Errors
Crash Bandicoot
Notice the Enhanced Shadowing
Crash Bandicoot
Notice the Cleaner Textures

What types of graphics are improved in Direct3D mode? Well, just about everything is improved, the grainy textures are all cleaned up and replaced with clean looking textures that have been filtered, depending on what the settings call for. Characters will have a sharper look to them and appear cleaner. Lighting effects are much more enhanced, and colored lighting that wasn't even supported in other games have been added for a given effect. The graphical splendor is in reality, very improved over the original. Although the graphics may not be next generation graphics or up to par with PC graphics, they certainly give a new life and feel to the already classic games.

Crash Bandicoot
Notice the Island Detail
Crash Bandicoot
Notice the Vibrant Color
Opening FMV, Normal Looking

However, not all improvement can be called for on all games. Some games that aren't "D3D Enhanced" can take advantage of the Direct3D rendering of the hardware 3D accelerator. Those games will have too much graphical corruption to be playable or look decent in Direct3D mode. Those games must use the slower and less attractive software rendering engine on bleem!, of course, because the PC supports higher resolutions than the native Playstation does, the games will still look slightly better with less jagged polygons.

Same as Regular
Notice Cleaner Snow Texture
Notice Better Color

bleem! supports a variety of graphical displays with various types of filters, but one problem with the graphical settings are that the speed of emulation can be greatly affected by what settings are enabled and disabled. Settings like filtered textures will slow down speed, but greatly improve image quality or settings like anti-aliasing will greatly rid the appearance of jagged lines, but slow down emulation speed. There is also a 32-Bit and 16-Bit resolution rendering, which can be used to enhance the vibrant colors in each of the games. One major problem that was noticed, however, is the fact that running in full screen mode is not desirable or playable, the game will get very choppy and slugish.

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Added:  Sunday, October 31, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/5

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