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Reviewed: Blaze and Blade
Author: Chris Kim       Date: March 4th 2000
Page: 3

What can be good about this very bland and goofy game? Well, the controls and interface are decent... to some extent. The controls are very simple and easy to learn... with a gamepad. Without a gamepad, the keyboard controls are extremely difficult to use and even more difficult to navigate around the game and in menus. What works decent though are the camera angles and perspective. Because the game is fully 3D and rotational, the camera angles seem to have problems with seeing around edges, but the ease and painless setup the player has to go through to configure the angles is rather simple to control. But, seeing nothing but pixelated textures and blocks of polygons is a bit of a problem sometimes. On to more bad, the interface and menu system downright sucks. Navigating from place to place is extremely tedious and difficult to use, especially the inventory system. Players cannot just trade and give equipment to others, it must be sold in an auction, where players must purchase equipment from the other players even when they can just as easily exchange items within the group if the system was implemented.

Are You Okay?
Attack the Owl-Thing!
Jump Puzzles?

Graphically, the game looks and feels just like a Playstation game... exactly like the Playstation. Just as the Playstation console lacks any real texture filtering that helps to blend the textures and have the less pixelated graphics, the PC port of the game is just as bad and bland looking. Everything in the game is simply far too pixelated to look any good. The pixels are so large, that it seems like a sub-Wolfenstein 3D game. All of the textures and polygons on the game seem to be misaligned and jagged no matter where the camera is placed. The obviously low polygon count models are evident with every single model looking extremely sharp, jagged, and misaligned everywhere.

Bastard Tree
Stupid Flower
Fight, Fight, Fight!

Unfortunately, the audio goes the same way as the video; sounds are very bland, and have nothing to distinguish them from other sounds. However, what does separate it from the rest of the crowd is the bad sounding effects and bland music. Maybe it's just that the poor quality of the rest of the game seems to make the sound seem awful too, but for one, all the sounds are extremely repetitive and overused. It seems to be that all the sword swings and collision sounds are exactly the same with no variation from weapon to weapon. Musically, the tone is rather mundane and doesn't add any feeling or enhancement to the game.

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Added:  Saturday, March 04, 2000
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/5

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