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Reviewed: Baseball Edition 2000
Publisher: Interplay Sports
Developer: Interplay Sports
Genre Type: Sports Simulation
Price: $39.95
Required System: P200, 32mb Ram, 80mb HD, 3D-Accelerator (D3D or OGL), Win95+
Reviewer's System: PII300, 64mb Ram, TNT, Win98
Related Games: Triple Play 2000, High Heat 2000
Overall Rating:
Author: Chris Kim       Date: July 20th 1999
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


Very fun, but the terrible batter/pitcher interface really ruins the experience. The season mode with the All-Star Voting is an awesome feature that is really enjoyable and the homerun derby is a ton of fun as well, especially if you have other people to play against.


The grapihcs are good, but the players look down right pathetic. They are nicely modeled, and the muscles and jersey movement are great, but if they were modeled after humans would have been nice. The stadiums are rendered beautifully and gracefully. The crowds could have been better, they were just flat moving textures.

Sound and Music:

Very bland and horrible play-by-play commentary and sound effects really ruin the pretty decent music in the game. The miscalls, late, and wrong commentary are really annoying if you are a real baseball fan like I am. The sound effects are just a bunch of crack and slide type related noises.


Only available on the same computer, but having people to play against is a blast. You can't play on the same team either, but playing vs. each other is probably the best way to play. You can have upto 10 people in the homerun derby.

AI Intelligence and Difficulty:

The excellent AI really plays like a set of real baseball players, having all the strengths and weaknesses of a real baseball team and the strategies they have are very effective against your offense/defense.

Controls and Interface:

Controls are a bit clunky and difficult to move certain players in some places to where you want them to be. Sometimes you will over run it and other times you will stop dead in your tracks.


A decent game, pick it up if want a game with great AI, and a great simulation mode. Offers great depth in season mode with the awesome statistics and all-star voting system. Otherwise, you'd be better getting another baseball game.

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Added:  Tuesday, July 20, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 4/4

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