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Reviewed: Baseball Edition 2000
Publisher: Interplay Sports
Developer: Interplay Sports
Genre Type: Sports Simulation
Price: $39.95
Required System: P200, 32mb Ram, 80mb HD, 3D-Accelerator (D3D or OGL), Win95+
Related Games: Triple Play 2000, High Heat 2000
Overall Rating:
Author: Chris Kim       Date: July 20th 1999
Page: 3

Control and interface is often taken for granted in baseball games. This game is one of them. The controls on my sidewinder gamepad are excellently configured, easy to remember, and user friendly to make the commands. But the ingame commands of the players are jerky and unresponsitive. Controlling players in the outfield can be a large hassle sometimes (if you don't have computer fielder assistance enabled). Sometimes you will make the player go to their left, and you will stop them, but they will stop right infront of the ball and not catch it and let the ball pass them and go all the way to the warning track. The players have no momentem on them at all. They will just stop so rigidly, you will wonder if they were wearning two ton weights on them when they stop. Base running, thankfully is very easy to control and responsitive. You don't have to switch to certain players, just hit button 7 with the base and they will run there or hit button 8 and they will run back. No need to do time consuming back and forward switching. As I said before, the batter/pitcher interface is quite difficult to play with.

Sure gonner bomb
Pitcher status

Another popular engine was licenced for this game... but there haven't been any sports games that have licenced their engine have there? You are right there, this game uses the engine from the upcoming game from Shiny Entertainment, Messiah! How could a baseball game use such a different engine, one that was made for weird alien creatures and 3rd person shooter? Evidentally, these problems are here in the graphics engine. Remember the single camera angle for pitching/batting? Well, I guess that's where the 3rd person view comes in from. And the alien looking characters, well, the players are these aliens. I won't say the players look horrible because they don't. The players look pretty good, and the flexing of the muscles and the stretching of the jersey's are nice. But if you take a look at their body shape and their tone. It doesn't exactly look human, it looks sort of like that bug from Men in Black that was using that guy's body as a disguise, no kidding! The bodies are ripping and tearing in certain places, and the places where the body limbs where placed together are obvious with a thin black line connecting those polygons together. Maybe it's just my videocard/drivers but the players look like they are bald sometimes. I just see skin tone peach colors on the top of their hats sometimes. The stadiums are all each rendered to their perfect specifications almost exactly as they look. They feel really good and close to the real thing, minus a few details like the water fountains at Coors Field or the flower patch in center field in the Astrodome. The stands could have been better though, they were just textures that move and do chants.

Great looking final scores
Homerun derby hit

The sound engine is a bit slugish in the way it works. All baseball games have a play-by-play commentator, and this game does have one. It claims on the jewelcase/box "New play-by-play announcing!" Well, I'm not sure if this ment, it was good or bad because the play-by play is quite pathetic. I even thought that the commentary in the old game Triple Play 97 was better which is a 3 year old game. There are a wonderous number of bugs in the play-by-play that it sounded like he was half blind or something because of the obviously horendous things he was saying. Here is one instance, I was hitting with Todd Helton, who is a left handed hitter, and he was stuffed inside on a pitch on I pulled it foul. The announcer then said "He's late on the patch and hits it with the end of the bat". This obvious was way wrong, he was announcing on the wrong side of the plate, as if Helton was a right handed hitter. Another time a guy had hit it barely foul and was back at the plate but the announcer said "Great hit down the line, could be extra bases, it's just barely foul". These little things got me quite mad. I guess I'm just stuck on the great play-by-play of the EA Sports games. The music in the game is quite good, in between innings music will play along with the box score of the game, hits, errors, and due up hitters. The interface menus have a nice music juke that is good too. The sound effects are pretty bland, just a bunch of hitting crack noises, sliding noises, etc. The game claims to have Dolby Surround Sound but I do not have a set of speakers that support Dolby Surround.

Here we go Griffey, here we go!
The All-Star Vote, my Walker is at top! :-)

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Added:  Tuesday, July 20, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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