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Reviewed: Top Shot Pegasus Joystick
Author: Chris Kim       Date: December 14th 1999
Page: 3

The performance of the stick is very good. The joystick is just as accurate and comfortable to use as the Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro. Without force feedback enabled, the stick functions just as well as the Precision Pro. The very sturdy base of the joystick is an excellent addition for intense action games. The base is heavy enough to not shift and move in place while the action gets very intense. The base also has little grips that will prevent the joystick from shifting and moving during action, but is not too strong to stay stuck to the desk even after prolonged use.

Joysticks are best suited to flight simulator games, and the Top Shot Pegasus proves this even truer. The very comfortable stick makes gaming of prolonged usage in games very stable and simple. In USAF, the Pegasus proved to be one of the best joysticks to use out of all the others. The precision and accuracy of the joystick added more control to the plane in the game. Even in games like NFL Blitz 2000, the Pegasus proved to be a very solid solution, the action remains very solid and almost gives a true arcade action feel.

Hat switches on most joysticks work as a point of view (POV) button. As with the Pegasus, this remains very true. The hat switch on the Pegasus is very sturdy and is eight ways, like many others. The other buttons work very well, they are responsive and extremely sturdy construction makes the rest of the ease of use of the joystick very high. The tact switch, also buttons nine through twelve works well, although if the player has a smaller hand it might be a more difficult to use the switch.

Sky View

Force feedback is probably the most attractive feature of many joysticks, however. The force feedback on the Pegasus uses the Immersion I-Force 2.0 for feedback. The feedback on the joystick is rock solid and works very convincingly. Included in the drivers, are twelve force feedback demos to test out the feedback, these demos work very solidly. Of course, being demos bundled with the joystick, the demos would work great. Aside from the demos, the feedback is still excellent even in real games, USAF, Descent 3, and NFL Blitz 2000 were used. These several games have very different feels. Each of the games provided an excellent tactile feedback, with the exception of Blitz 2000, which is likely attributed to lack of force feedback implementation in software, not the joystick itself. In USAF, the feedback was quite realistic, with back shot when blasting either guns or missiles. When shot down and being shot, the joystick made very strong pulls and keeping the joystick in place to center was extremely difficult. In Descent 3, the joystick gave very good reaction when being shot at by guns of other ships. Just using this joystick in these two games was a complete pleasure. In Blitz 2000, however, there wasn't as much response as would have been nice. Only feedback was provided when being tackled after the play was over, somewhat of an odd choice on Midway's part. But the feedback was solid.

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Added:  Tuesday, December 14, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 3/4

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