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Reviewed: Top Shot Pegasus Joystick
Author: Chris Kim       Date: December 14th 1999
Page: 2

The joystick can use either a serial port or USB connection. With the larger bandwidth of the USB connection, that connection is the recommended connection type. The connection type used in this review was the USB connection, as that is the most hassle free and provides the most responsive controls. The serial ports works almost as well, just with a slightly more complicated installation and less responsive. Installation requires just the user to plug the USB connection into a USB port and then install the drivers. Initial configuration of the joystick can be somewhat problematic, but after a little fiddling with the other drivers (removal of other drivers), the joystick ran quite happily. The drivers are even stable enough and versatile enough to work in conjunction with another device plugged in as well (the Sidewinder Gamepad). For extra users, the joystick even offers a gameport out connection for feedback for gamepads (also available from AVB). Calibration of the joystick is a simple task; just making a complete circle of the stick once in Windows will calibrate the stick. Moving the rudder and throttle side to side will calibrate those as well. Along with calibration is also a configuration of the powers of the springs and feedback in the games. Centering could be disabled, spring power can be adjusted, and feedback can be adjusted.

Trigger Grip

Comfort of the joystick is a very strong suit of the joystick. The rubber-padded handle should make for a very comfortable grip and the sub-base of the handle below the stick is a hand rest that is quite large, but not too bulky. The added and rubber cushioned pads make the joystick extremely comfortable and easy to handle. Button placement of the joystick is very well done. The four action buttons on the base are all placed in an arc, in the placement of the fingers. The trigger buttons on the top of the stick are all easy to reach. The only problem seemed to be was that the joystick was designed for people with large hands and long fingers, the tact and hat switch were somewhat difficult to reach when the base of the hand was rested on the hand rest. The rudder and throttle work excellently. The rudder is auto centering and makes it easy to use. With finger placement on the action buttons and thumb on the throttle/rudder, reaching each of these was quite simple. The only slight comfort glitch was with the button near the thumb rest of the stick, when the thumb is place incorrectly or with the side, some pain might be felt. But that really isn't too much of a problem.

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Added:  Tuesday, December 14, 1999
Reviewer:  Chris Kim
Page: 2/4

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