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Reviewed: Asheron's Call
Author: Michael "" Ahlf       Date: March 17th 2000
Page: 6

Now that we've been through the review of the game, here are some handy tips and tricks for new players wanting to make the most of their AC experience. Remember, these may not work for all people, but they should for most.

  • When it comes to being a newbie, find some friends and possibly even a guild, and work with them. You will learn more from a patron and friends than anyone in the game, including this tip sheet.

  • Weaponry: choose carefully and wisely. While swords cost more in terms of skill points, they are more plentiful and can be found in almost any variety. Likewise for archers -- it's tempting to save the two points and take crossbow instead. Just remember that you'll have to search towns for ammunition, as not as many places carry crossbow materials. Weaponry and skills are hard to balance, and may cause characters to have trouble if not well chosen.

  • Creation: You are allotted 5 characters per world, so use them. Create, create, and create some more until you have a feel for the engine, and have the character you think you want to play.

  • Mules/Squires: these are characters created as secondary units to your primary AC character. Quick login/logout movements can allow transferring of goods between characters, and it's sometimes useful to have a mule with different abilities since there are only so many that 1 character can have.

  • Fighting in AC should be done cautiously, unless traveling in a large group that watches each others' backs. For characters under level 10, don't take on anything you can't kill. The equation for deciding if it's killable is pretty simple: total up the collective level of the group you're about to attack, and add 2 for each creature with a resistance to your form of attack (mages would add 2 for Gromnies, which have high magic defense). If you're not equivalent level to that, don't go after the creature group. There's nothing worse than seeing a 5th-level archer trying to get his corpse back after being killed by 5 level 10 Hunter Shreths. Experience-wise, while experience is alotted for doing mere damage as well as killing a creature, the vast majority of experience is awarded only upon the creature's death. This makes taking on high-level monsters a tempting, but not worthwhile, objective for low-level characters.

  • Fellowships, the way to make a hunting party, are a good thing -- they help your group stick together in a firefight, and let you know when one of your fellow hunters has died. Be careful, though -- while in fellowship, each person gains level (but not experience) at the same rate. Fellowships are best served by similar-leveled characters, support and fighter, working together so that a Life Mage can do what he/she does best (heal others) and still get decent experience out of it.

  • Watch your burden -- a character can only carry so much. This is where mages get hit the hardest. Warrior characters can more or less ignore Self and Focus (the more magic-oriented stats) early on, and build them later. Mages need these high, however, and so tend to run around with low stamina, low hit points, and can't carry too much in armor. Worse yet, they tend to be slower, and so get run down by creatures and eaten. If burden is over 110%, the best bet is to drop something or make a run to town to sell it. Also keep in mind banking, since carrying around one's treasure is a good way to weigh down a character.

  • Get involved in your character. Feel what he/she feels. Read the below as an example.

    "I am the Aluvian Sorcerer Dane'Kal, the guardian of the The Path of Fire. I began the quest for the Path in the scorching desert of Dereth near Tufa, searching for a place where magic and strength grow, if nothing else will. The portent time of the Comet came to Dereth, and with friends I defended Samsur from the Inferno. Reborn, and drawn by the force of good in Dereth, I met Zacantos, and joined with the Illuminati. I hold that there are strict responsibilities that must be met as a follower of the Path. Foremost and first, to stand in the path that fire takes, face death. Never let it be said that you saved yourself and let another Illuminati die if it could be prevented. Second, to walk the path that fire takes, find the Illuminati's true value and place that above all of your own desires. You will achieve greatness by finding the source of that value."

  • Finally, remember rule #1: ALWAYS HAVE FUN. If you want to do something flamboyant, go for it. If your current stomping grounds are getting monotonous, go on a quest. The choices are waiting to be explored.

  • THANKS Go to everyone who helped me out in preparing this review, in garnering the nifty screenshots seen in the review and in teaching me how the world worked. Zacantos, Gefahr, Neises, Dane'Kal, Dire Rabbit, all of you, are great people.

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    Added:  Friday, March 17, 2000
    Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
    Page: 6/6

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