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Reviewed: Voyage
Producer: The Adventure Company
Required System:  PC
Overall Rating:
Author: Michael Ahlf
Date: September 12th, 2005


Jules Verne's novels tend to make very good adventure games, if for no other reason than Jules Verne's love of describing people and places to his readers. Graphical adaptations of his work tend to either do very well or very poorly, though they have been tried time and again in various formats.

The method used by Kheops Studio has been an interesting one: take Verne's novels and give them a twist necessary to truly insert the player, not necessarily into the exact story as created by Jules Verne, but into a side story or alternate story that explores what the novel could have been like had there been one simple tweak into the plotline at one point or another. It worked very well with Return to Mysterious Island, allowing players to examine what the island might have become with decades of neglect following Nemo's death, and it works again in Voyage, which takes two of Verne's novels and inserts a simple twist: what if the men aboard the rocket shell had actually reached the moon as Verne envisioned it?

Added:  Tuesday, September 13, 2005
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 1/3

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