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Reviewed:Star Wars X-wing:Alliance
Author: Michael "" Ahlf       Date: December 31st 1999
Page: 3

In terms of graphics, Alliance delivers the eye candy associated with Lucasarts games. All the ships are faithfully rendered and well-detailed, and can be readily identified by their shapes even if the targeting system becomes inoperative. Especially noticeable are the lighting effects (weapon shots register as splashes against shielded and small explosions against unshielded areas) and engine effects. In terms of what is available, there are multiple versions of TIE fighters (normal, interceptor, bomber, advanced, and several Experimental versions) as well as the traditional Z-95,X-wing,Y-wing,B-wing and A-wing fighters.The larger ships which are faithful to their appearance include such beauties as the Super Star Destroyer Executor, normal Star Destroyers, Frigates, Corellian cruisers, various space and battle stations, and lesser known objects like the Corellian transports and bulk freighters. Those liking mines and shuttlecraft won't be worried either: there are plenty of different versions of shuttlecraft and mines, including the Tyderium shuttle (Lambda-class) which was used by the rebellion to sneak past Death Star II security. The only downside to be found in the visuals of the game comes in the last four missions: for three of them a large, pixelated picture of the second Death star hangs above waiting to "attack" the Rebel fleet. It would have been nice to have a different version of the most prominent craft in the battle there, as it was pretty much just an eyesore.

Beautiful cinematics -- an X-wing closeup.
A TIE fighter after your YT-2000...
So much for the Star Destroyer.

The music and sound of the game are wonderful, true to the Lucasarts games of days past. As always, the engine used enhances the musical score by altering where it plays -- from fast-paced to waiting-paced -- as the battle tides turn or begin. The gun sounds are as accurate as always, and include impact sounds (if you're close enough to "hear" them) as well as the initial blasts. Wingmen chatter is there, though a little stale unfortunately: it gets old around the 10th time someone screams "I'm taking fire here" in the exact same tone of voice. The positional sound is an awesome way to enjoy the game, and makes things seem wonderful with a 4-point system: close flybys seem all the more realistic when the sound is in 3D. The main problem is in the voices of the known characters like Luke Skywalker and Lando Calrissian. As much as soundalikes are used in the gaming industry, it's important to find good ones, and in this game the task was just not met. It's very hard to believe that the people talking are really who they are supposed to be. Heading out to the 'Net, there are a few projects to "remake" the last missions, with the goal of correcting this major flaw in the end of the game.

The second Death Star... sort of.
Got enough Star Destroyers, Emperor?
Up close and personal with a Star Destroyer.

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Added:  Friday, December 31, 1999
Reviewer:  Michael Ahlf
Page: 3/5

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