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Reviewed: Allegiance
Author: Paul Scherbak       Date: June 15th, 2000
Page: 4

Final Breakdown


When you can get this game running, it is one of the coolest, adrenaline pumping, nail biting, white knuckling games out there! Some of the greatest moments of this game are afterwards, bragging to other players in the chat rooms. Killing opponents in a Stealth is always a kick! Even manning the turrets is fun, especially if you're not too good at flying! The dogfights are intense and fast paced with tons of action. The people are for the most part fun, but there werenít any Ďwankersí in the beginning of Tribes either. There are some annoyances, like bad commanders or wingmen, but they are few and far between.


Very beautiful ships and back drops. All of the different races look completely different, which is a welcome break from the usual different color thing. All of the ships have plenty of polys, and so do the bases. No boxy models here, which is surprising considering the immense size of bases and capital ships. Cranked up to 1024x768 the game is breathtaking. Software looks exquisite too.

Sound and Music:

The sound is great in this game. The quality is, for the most part, quite excellent! The weapon sounds are impressive, and the voice chat is also a high point. The voice chat menu is one of the most important parts of the game, allowing the player to call out enemy capitol ships, ask for another player to pick up their escape pod (which, if accepted, will give a series of waypoints to get to the pod)! But, alas, there is a major sound problem. If you have hardware sound turned on, then the game will crash every 5 minutes (sometimes causing the whole system to restart). This is a major hindrance and extremely annoying. Thatís what brought this score down.

AI and Difficulty:

The AI in this game only shows its face in the form of miners and constructors. Both of these have excellent pathfinding abilities, will run from attacking enemies if damaged, and never get stuck because of an asteroid in the way or something along those lines. The difficulty of this game is another matter. This game has a high learning curve, but it is easily overcome. The included training missions clear everything up, and most people are helpful to newbies (there's even a voice chat saying "I'm new and, I'm clueless")! Players of the BETA will have no problems whatsoever, the final version is the same as the final BETA!

Controls and Interface:

The controls of this game are so easy to use, once figured out through training that is. The mouse (even in-flight) can navigate the voice chat menu, like most things. But this means that a joystick is a MUST for this game. If you donít have one, you better get one before you get this. The interface is pretty rigid, meaning there isn't too much you can change, but you donít need to. You can change the amount of information on the HUD by pressing the bound key, but thatís about it.


This game, while offering no single player except for a limited (but helpful) tutorial, leaves some memorable moments. Dogfights are fast and intense, graphics are great, and the sound quality is excellent (minus the lack of working hardware accelerated sound)! The Azone is one of the best online communities with some truly massive games. You can have a maximum of 6 teams with up to 70 players each (thatís 420 players in ONE game)! The netcode is another good thing, as players on extremely slow connections get good pings, no lag here! All and all, Microsoft has outdone itself in actually making another worthwhile product!

Glide Underground Editors Choice Award
Pluses (+)
  • Good Graphics
  • Good Number of Online Players
  • Nice Sound
  • Gameplay is Fun
  • Informative Manual
  • Minuses (-)
  • Hardware Sound is Buggy.
  • Requires Updates out of Box
  • Must be a Member of MSN Zone (free)
  • Allegiance Zone costs $9.95 Monthly (not required)
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    Added:  Thursday, June 15, 2000
    Reviewer:  Paul Scherbak
    Page: 4/5

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