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Reviewed: Allegiance
Author: Paul Scherbak       Date: June 15th, 2000
Page: 3

The interface has its ups, and downs. At times it makes the player want to put their computer to fire, but at others its nice to sit back and marvel at such an achievement. Some things could have been done better, but they bump up the "Pain in the Ass Factor" (PAF), but over all it simple to use. Click this, stuff happens, no weird stuff that makes no sense, it is, for the most part, user friendly.

The server menu is pretty good. Could have been better, but it gets the job done. One of the problems with it, is the lack to screen out certain servers (slow, no players, few players, etc.). You can, however, filter out different game types. So if you want to play a time limited conquest with no tech tree and limited lives, just click Filter Servers and set it all up. Very simple. The different informational columns are also well done, with everything from name, to number of players, to max number of players on each team, etc.

A Shot of the Commander View
Shooping Ass in 22nd Place
Shot of an Asteroid

The in-game interface is AWESOME! Its extremely easy to use, but has a small learning curve. If you run through the training first (or participated in the BETA) you'll have no problems. The voice chat has a wide selection, in fact, it includes pretty much everything you could possibly need. And it’s all very easy to access via key commands or mouse. You can say anything from "Start the game already…" to your average "heh heh heh."

In fact, the voice chat system is one of (if not the) most important part of the game. Giving commands like "Attack my target!" is made simple by sending the voice chat to the whole team and, if the accept the order, automatically locks on to the players target and activating the autopilot! The same is for pod ejects. ‘Walking’ home as it is referred to (because of the slow speed of eject pods) can take a long time, especially if your several sectors away from the nearest friendly base. So you can ask for a pick up in the voice chat menu. If accepted it will lock the accepting person on to the pod for the pick up. Very easy!

Activating the Autopilot
Making Fun of Others
Don't Try This at Home

The graphics are awesome! Even at 800x600, the eye candy is spectacular! The models are all nicely done with plenty of polys, while still running very smooth! Directx7.0a is required for this, which can up the PAF several notches. You also MUST have all of the latest drivers for your video, sound, and everything else.

One of the things that should be noted is the incredible help and support. If you go to the page, by following several links you can get to chat rooms or help pages. One of the more helpful items is the Help Chat. In it is a moderator from the Allegiance team, you type a question then click the Ask button and wait for the Moderator to respond. This is one of the most helpful things ever devised! There is also a ‘Crash Machine" which, upon a crash, will bring up a web page which will send in your IP, network settings, and hardware information, along with a written description by the player of what they were doing when the crash occurred. This helps smashing bugs immensely!

Making a Run at a Capitol Ship
Strafing the Capitol Ship
The Results of an Attack

The sound effects are another high point. Everything, from boosters to laser beams sound very cool! There’s always some sounds happening, which is great. You hear your teammates calling out the location of bombers, cries for help, requests for pickups. It’s all very cool, even probes give off a pinging sound which rises and falls in pitch as you get closer or farther away in true Doppler fashion! In-game music is also good, but covers up the important stuff, so most players leave it off.

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Added:  Thursday, June 15, 2000
Reviewer:  Paul Scherbak
Page: 3/5

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